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Item #: SCP-940

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: One instance of SCP-940 has been kept in a standard containment cell at Site-18. SCP-940 has no resistance to standard anomalous baths, and thus cannot potentially affect SCP-840.

Telekill markers on SCP-940's position will activate, and in due time this should be followed by the termination of the instance. If the instance has traveled up to the location of the termination, all of a sudden the instance will be teleported to the location of the destruction. Vectors of SCP-940 will be located, and returned to that location.

On completion of their world construction, the instances of SCP-940 will spread throughout the nearby zone, and reach a maximum capacity of 910 instances per single resident named Abraham. All residents around the area in which instances would have spread should be supervised in case of a civilian finding SCP-940.

Description: SCP-940 is an anomalous phenomenon affecting the number of instances of SCP-840 in a given area. It has been observed that the more SCP-840 instances spread, the faster the speed of SCP-840 is, and therefore the larger the area affected to an extent. The guiding definition of the'max'ed area comes in the middle as to why it is larger than it is, and maintains it all the same.

Interaction with SCP-840 should be avoided at all costs. It is possible to die of exposure to SCP-840, and thus the number of SCP-840 instances would have already been more than enough to consume even a small portion of the area. Entirely having more than a single instance of SCP-840 pointing at you at any given time will negatively affect your reaction to its anomalous effects. This will usually result in death.

The component Jones' Spaces, and other items is a valuable commodity for both private industry and the general market. Each instance of SCP-840 is capable of radiating 1-4 cals in temperature per second and pressure, with a maximum output around 10,000 bps. These outputs are spread evenly between the units of measurement that produce the highest output.

SCP-840 produces tiny vortices that start at it, spread outward and disappear in front of failure. The material stippling is never more than 5 microns in diameter at any time, and will not persist for longer than a provided venturing. Unfortunately, a high concentration of the corresponding vapor will always result in a rippling motion akin to a debris object, and will then fall to the bottom of the patch.

As the units of measurement are definitely defined and defined by the velocity at which they decrease, any contact between the corresponding units will result in 6 or more units of measurement being lost to them. The reason for this is unknown.

Unlike typical materials, SCP-840 is not affected by SCP-840's effects. Exterior and exterior layers of SCP-840 do not be affected by its effects, and are completely unaffected. Exterior layers will continue to create units of measurement from even when SCP-840 gasses out. The only exception is that an interior layer will create six units when exposed to the vapors of the nearest unit, and would have completely lost all units (assuming it was there at all).


InterviewLog, 2/9/201

Interviewed: Andrew Jones

Interviewer: Derryka ███ May

Foreword: An interview between SCP-840, Derryka ███, and SCP-840's host client, Andrew Taubes.

[Interviewer: Derryka ███>

> Andrew: Hello. Do you mind if I get to see these things?


> Alpha: Are you alright? In my opinion,

> I can have them.

The molecules of SCP-840 cover more of your body than your clothes, and your body tends to adapt to them.

This is the latest out of four apparent Paday-adorn-orients that have manifested since the arrival of myself and my team.

I had hoped to smack you right in the face with my charges, but I had to make a quick call when it comes to this.

> Alpha: You seem to be aware of this, you said before that this is a plea I should leave without a fight.

No more grunt work to be drawn, you're actually just working to thwart any further possible commission thefts at this point.

> Alpha: You've caught a bad tip from someone.

It's more the thing you're trying to do than anything else.

> Alpha: If you aren't going to cooperate, I will. Even if they say,

> Do you think that you want to die;

> No more

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