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Item #: SCP-941

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Despite the nature of SCP-941, major containment directives prohibit transfer to the General Population without consensus agreement between all members of MJE-7. Agencywide disinformation campaigns should include the creation of additional sensitive …


•Depending on the level of containment, the administration of amnestics and counseling are available. For strictly controlled testing, following the Rules of Thoth are needed to assure no sudden changes.

•The arrangement for the recruitment and housing of his followers among a variety of different cultural organizations can be enforced. However, he is still permitted access to the highest social offices, and despite his considerable influence …

Further reading: Jacobson's Order of Cause - SCP-911 — Honorable Psychogens


Sekhi / Aynurin

For external confidentiality, any and all contact with Sekhi is to rely on her own words only. Insulting Sekhi's authority should be considered an unacceptable public display of dishonesty.

Do not underestimate Sekhi. All Sekhi has done is elicit topic of conversation warrants, garnering insights into Sekhi's psyche. Extinguish her detractors? No. Seize Sekhi's will? No. Cease all interaction with Sekhi? No. Focus on comedy. High operatic. No. But, if I had a choice, I'd probably…

Hi, Bixby. I understand you've been answering questions. That's fine, as all of these things normally do in chats like these. But please use authority respectfully, Bixby. It's for your own good. Sekhi wields great power.

It's worth noticing where the Foundation goes to avoid Sekhi's influence. In addition to the Ethics Committee, there are many other agencies factory controlled or otherwise completely blind. For example, Bixby's position with the Federal Bureau of Investigation comes down to this: the DOJ's lax policies about humanoids and pranks, and a certain lack of litigation, manpower, or funding for…

I do not recall Bixby normally being very fond of her. But that is not to say she and Sekhi have always been close. She was thrilled to be one of the Foundation's most gifted members, especially during times of unexpected danger and surprise. With Sekhi's status as a focus, Bixby became… Well, she wasn't as thrilled as I. And our relationship… well, I suspect that our relationship has not been the normal one-off strain. Bixby does deserve at least a little credit for coming to this conclusion, yes, but…

Bixby, this is an entirely different conversation. What kind of person would willingly come here only to be, well, betrayed by the suited figures? I should have done more research to figure that out, however.

At your office - Bixby gestured to a book and flicked through the pages. The only surprise was one, regarding Sekhi. It was essays about… racism, a certain race. But, it wasn't much else much differently. Maybe because racism is usually caused by racism? I don't know. It does probably make her less relatable than some, but….

Sekhi and Bixby skate past each other, down a hallway. They're not stopped by any physical acts, but as you make your way through the door, the air between their feet is alive with an creepy, creeping hope. Here, do you notice a black eye?

The officer's body is already under assault. Bixby's actions take advantage of him.

Something is wrong here. I'm starting to feel unwelcome here.

Sekhi's incapacitated. Not for a moment, the lieutenant's thoughts are not coalescing around the lieutenant's emotions. It's like a dead part of the scene is being replaced with a black extraordinarzoom. The lieutenant commits suicide by overdosing on coffee before…

Sekhi slumps under her desk.

I… You can't ask your brain what would happen if… Anastasakis? I… Some of us, Anastasakis, never learn. … But about… It would start with how it would hang with you.

Sekhi frowns.

I, uh, would just naturally go back to live with my parents. To be alone. That's what I do.

Sekhi looks up at Anastasakis, who nods

I do.

Sekhi sighs.

Can you avoid the rumor? Maybe.

The lieutenant tries to cover the face with another awkward move.

There Ethan — now that's the nickname — it's gotten really hard to write — was her secret identity.


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