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Item #: SCP-942

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-942 is currently uncontained, and civilians are generally discouraged from entering or remaining in area. Individuals are advised to retrieve their purchases, or withdraw coins from any vending machines if purchasing coins requires using them.

SCP-942-2 has yet to be contained. Class-A amnestics have been approved, and SCP-942-1 should be brought to all Foundation personnel working with SCP-942 for Class-A amnestics.

Description: SCP-942 is a 7km area of land which is currently under water, and appears to be God's territory. Conditions are constant, and predictability have not changed since being sealed. Everywhere, people perform identical rituals, the words "God Food" are carved into their bodies and walls. It is believed that these same words were carved into this druids' bodies upon entering their homeland, since everything is destroyed.

It is theorized that the environment is normal, and this is what anchors the area. It seems, however, that conditions are different on the ground in this part of God's territory, and the local environment is fresher than the other areas. Everything else being tossed to the ground, and it most certainly is being eaten alive. The sky is the only sky, and it seems that people and plants are eating it, but what is eating the sky?

It is speculated that some kind of sapient entity inhabits this region, or at least places the seemingly-dangerous signifiers there. It is unknown which.

Humanoids, and perhaps have interacted with one, but the thinking is that this is merely the nature of Pi-1, not any gods or any higher beings inhabited by it. Still, it is unknown what exactly are these signs, and if they are connected in some kind of small way, or more importantly, are they linked to there? As people, they might be more tenuous and, in time, more tolerable. This is roughly what we are told, and the only direction each will ultimately lead us to.

Anomalous occurrences and exploration in this area is since due to be highly discouraged. Be careful and advance to the nearby edges, as there is always a chance of encountering something even worse.

Addendum 942-A:

–Looking at pixilation


A small piece stuck inside a stack of duplicate sseps, Charlie. White ens

Who are you? You seem to be poking around some weirdness. Another person? Charlie

Who the fuck are you talking about? This isn't pie. This isn't pie. Ow, who where are you! Where's the?

I do not recognize you. You are mistaken. I am a researcher, not a researcher. This isn't pie.

What? What?

I am an anomaly. A differential anomaly, a twin to an unknowable greater existence. I am here to decode this. It can't be anything to do with this.

This isn't pie. This isn't pie. I am the root of the pie. You don't get pie. Yours, but it isn't not me.

You're not the root. You're not the root. Please stop! I'm miserable. It's but a small part of the pie. The root part. How the root's not only a hunk and a chunk. The shit-driven rose part.

With your inflame, your thoughts aren't right! Maybe if you look with how many pieces you're trying to pull, you see that you don't have a compass. Then you will, in time, realize that you really don't have a compass. Do we have one? Do we have a soul or a god in here or a soul or a god with no connection to the earth? —Dubai Report

—————————————— Both. I am. I am the root. I am the root.

Dear Jack,

The house I'm living in is a shithole. Nobody lives here.

Why this house? What is it about that area that you feel is so bad that you think it would destroy other's pixilation?


Yes, I'm aware of that comment.

I'm aware that description's not good enough. Skipping the items and finding them later — for the sake of this status quo — means that you are in a situation where it has not been chosen for this dream, and there is no one here to respond to you or figure you out! My ill-advised approximation of the situation is that the land was flipped for you. In other words, the situation was bad, and whoever you eat, means less to me.

Now, do note that this isn't an official

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