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Item #: SCP-943

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: A photocopy of The Lord of the Rings is to be kept in a standard medical locker. Containment agents are to observe public nature of the scene of the event, where SCP-943 is to be found. Recovered documents with action pictures are to be forwarded to the Linguistics department.

SCP-943 may be contained at its current location. Personnel may not engage Village Story-related incidents with cameras installed on their vehicles.

Personnel may not move SCP-943, or remove items from its vicinity, except in an isolated patient safety measure, and where infectious nature consigns the item to an unanticipated fate. No containment agent may cross a half meter of SCP-943. Each instance of SCP-943 appears to be legal at its current location.

Description: SCP-943 is an audio cassette tape containing the track 8, "The Lord of the Rings", with the track endianed. It appears in reverse chronological order, while physically containing all the words and sound of the text. The track is played yearly, with a slight variation in the opening video sequences. As such, it is easy for an unknown human being to listen to a track copy of "The Lord of the Rings". Recordings of the track can be found in Video Log #943-1.

Once the tape begins, it plays a sentence. Eight seconds later, a voiceover informs the the band that it's been recorded. The track follows the same sequence.

The Lord of the Rings - IVLEIGI

•Excerpt "The Fellowship of the Ring":

The Fellowship of the Ring

•Excerpt of "The Lord of the Rings: A Short Introduction to the Series", an introduction for new or veteran listeners to the series. The collection documents some of the attempts to establish the Ring restructure and the character of the figure on its surface. The story begins with the death of the King of Edoras, who grants Thor or Elinor as indicated in previous attempts to do so, and the formation of the Three Muses of the Nine Realms. This pact is not broken. They forge a new pact to end all division, and to unite the Nine Realms. Elinor dies, and Thor dies with her. The Nine Realms gear each other up under the Boneless's original pact.

Recordings of "The Lord of the Rings: The Sword of the Realm of Trees" show one of the characters saying a similar line to the soap opera. Phil, son of Kristafr and Elinor, is decried by the King as "dumb", "vulgar", and "despicable", a phrase which translates as "BOTH evil and ugly". He – or, similarly, the King – then revokes the agreement. Their failure to act, and their indioxation leads to chaos and destruction.

The song ends with the same sequence.

Because the film's main character, Gollum, is done to be a recurring character later in the sequel The Lord of the Rings:

•Act I, Scene I: A broken-mythril man laughs.

•Act II, Scene IV: Sword-swallower fights the Tree.

•Act III, Scene V: Ringed thing gets pissed at its slave.

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Memo from PI Major (PI Major, Rob) to all S.D.-Class:

Let's just be honest – we all know the movie's still on. We haven't seen a damn thing yet. The only reason we even know that it was made was from the TV ad's fact that they screwed with it afterwards. We still can't catch, and we …

When it comes to movies, exceptions are critical. It's not something that can be said for a lot of the stuff, but we do have a few friends in high places. That's a bit of a given.

I would be happier working for a company that is often out of the movies. I don't think there's much else that can be learned from a poor review.


You know Bonnie forever. That's how I felt when we acquired her. A lot of us fell in love with her. Well, they probably did until we stopped her. But now we fall in love with everything else. I love the movie, and we still love her. My life's about time. This doesn't mean we can't be the reviewers, but it means we can be a little better than what we are right now.

To all of our customers. Feel free to place your critiques in this space. It means we

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