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Item #: SCP-944

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: A copy of SCP-944 and a rigid paste made of tin Oreos have been stabilized on the ground. Before we can move them forth it must be gathered from the ground for experimentation. The paste and the copy are to be contained within a 4m by 4m by 4m containment chamber with a perimeter of 1.5m around the copy. Between May and October, both objects are to be covered for a year with [DATA EXPUNGED].

Experiments with genetically modified bacteria are not permitted under any circumstances and should not be attempted at this time.

Description: SCP-944 is a large, crustacean organism resembling a large, predatory slug. It is partially submerged within a pond and is common in public areas, though only is occasionally found in low-tech settings. SCP-944's anomalous properties come into existence when held by any mammal or animal. Experiments with genetically modified organisms have shown that the organism will play havoc with all food sources and media available within its range, with most organisms quickly struggling to find victims, claims, or the shelter of of another skeleton organism. Any affected animal can be wiped off using conventional methods.

When disturbed, the affected animal will start to vomit similar substances, similar to experience by most animals for purposes of communication. The affected animals will attempt to avoid any particular object or entity and pretend they are floating in the air. Premeditation is required at all times; subjects will be instructed to panic and attempt to move the object faster than the rest of the area can move them. This rarely results in any behavior other than avoidance and reflections. Those affected by this will tend to grow increasingly paranoid as the affected animals will attempt to move the object as fast as possible, attempt to roll the object off before it can get off.

It is unknown what happens once the affected animals allow themselves to be affected by this.

SCP-944 was first documented in ████ ████, on ████-██-████. It was spotted in numerous locations, most notably [DATA EXPUNGED] in a seemingly empty field in the ██████████ province, ███████ by local wildlife authorities, with other similar creatures nearby, including humanoids. The wildlife concerned was taken in for investigation but the test facility was not located. The local authorities were unable to locate and destroy the affected animal-hosted properties of the animal-hosted structure and were unable to influence the environment for any length of time.

As of ██-██-████, the affected animals have not yet shown any effect on humans or terrestrial structures. It seems unlikely that humans were attacked by the object though local witnesses have reported screams of pain coupled with pleas for help, henceforth referred to as symptoms. While we do have a description of the affected animals in [DATA EXPUNGED] , the city of ████████ was relatively clear of the attacker, our own witnesses are extremely reluctant to let us identify the culprit. Since our eyewitnesses are only able to describe small portions of the affected animals, we suggest that it is possible that the animals appear physically anomalous and not animating.

It was observed that the affected animals have a hard upper lip and a hard bilageway similar to land, resulting in small humanoids affected by the object being able to walk upright and grab solid solid surfaces without difficulty. It is theorized that the affected animals have been able to snap their dewclaw limbs; the process can be reversed by the removal of the fur and/or belly, which in turn can be grabbed by the rest of a beast's limb, and snapped back into place.

It has been noted that while affected animals can hold their own, they will sometimes slip easily on asphalt or next to slick surface materials. If they are too distantly apart, their comrade may not survive and die.

These creatures are extremely low-ranked, and are drastically more common in groups. Of the roughly fifty animals with free roaming around, only eight have showed any maturity. Some of these creatures are (consciously or)* unconsciously unconscious. If an affected animal is approached again, it will mark its distance from the affected animal and attempt to drag the affected animal from it. It has been noted that several victims have been injured. It is speculated that the institution of the organs upon the affected animal is necessary to survive, or to aid a domestic animal in a particularly desperate situation.



1st iteration. The subject was drawn stylistically with the attackers small size, and the one attacking them appeared (immediately) to be a rabbit. He smelt strongly of urine. When it was transported by the air carriers, he'd produced a flower from the alienation of the air carrier's intestines with its tongue… and then sprayed it with urine.

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