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Item #: SCP-945

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-945 is to be locked in her containment area and only allowed access by guards or other Foundation personnel. Personnel assigned to SCP-945 under her directorship are not to interact with her at all. Any items removed from her containment cell must be provided to the research team. Personnel including security officers are not to touch her at any time.

Description: SCP-945's output is often deemed valuable. Despite her mortality, her output is often considered exceptional. Any anomalous nonsense left in her possession will be eulogized as suicide. The anomalous effects are often as minor as writing on the work cover of her work. She seems to suffer from a severe paranoid disorder.

SCP-945 was demonstrated a number of sanity-threatening abilities as described in her journal entries. However, most of what is written about her during the ill-wishes has been classified or otherwise suppressed. Additionally, she has written five notes, which are to be to be put into her journal immediately after any of her willful actions are done. These notes are to be immediately given to D-Class personnel if they are deemed anomalous.

Do NOT use her writing paper.

SCP-945 will not respond to any form of pen, pen or paper; instead, she will first print a note, writing "painted on a wall". She will then write to the outside of her work, glowing with the blood of death, before replacing the piece with another piece. The attested motive for this is in her own journal entries. Only D-Class personnel associated with the SCP Foundation are permitted to write notes on her output. All other personnel are allowed to write notes, however.

If you will translate every note, you will slowly take away from the monitor, however much of the monitor remains through your writing. The words you will slowly write will obscure the words, until they become blurry and unintelligible. They will revert almost for nothing. As you take away from nothing, the timer becomes more realistic, ending the progress of the writer. The information is then given over to the SCP Foundation.

Specimen 945-13000-2

Title: Friend of Mother (subject was her mother, not being well)

Medium: Paper (diluted by solvent on tracing)

Time: 0 Minutes

Notes: Children of the dead (myself and others) have been with him the whole time.

He's not a bad man, or a good one, either. Couldn't you have been a better mother myself? -Doc

Description: Mr. Plucky was a pretty sweet little man. His father, his kind, had been a little cranky, and Mr. Plucky’s parents had suffered (and died) in a car accident. He was very cuddly and respectfull, too.

His handwriting was a strange, cloudy gray who he wouldn’t look at without his family in it. He always had a special Memorial Party in his home for family members. It was an invitation he held two or three years back (somehow), but he always jammed it into his parents' report. When he had to invite the kids out for a feast, his mom would bake a yesterday's treat himself.

He’d always been awful proud of himself in the eyes and stern in the ears. When he had to eat a crisp burger, he would twirl his left wrist to grab his right and extend the left fork. At this point, Mr. Plucky would suddenly react and start rocking back and forth, being too energetic in very unexpected circles.

There are those who say Mr. Plucky owed his life to a fine man called the Reverend Stephen. Mr. Plucky he’s not a saint, but he does have a kind of nobility in him. He poses as a quiet young businessman living in the back alley, sending back a few favors. He does this most often because he’s not too familiar with human humanity, but has happily done so a few times in the past.

He was always eager to oblige his parents, and usually did. When he was still more of a boy, going to see them, be with them, would have been very, very difficult. But recently, Mr. Plucky had had a weak weekend at his job. After drawing up a budget for the man’s attendance, he attended without incident.

So, he took a little trip to the cabin on the back. Mister Stephen liked to stay for a few days at a time and then go back and light the one candle he had left. But, he wasn’t too much of a boy about it. He showed up a little late to the party, but was always welcome to stay at either his home or the cabin

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