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Item #: SCP-946

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-946 is to be contained within a standard humanoid containment unit fitted with a webcam. Sentinal images must be attached to standard medical files in the journal …

-SCP-962-L Hide

Photograph of SCP-946 in residence.


SCP-946 is in good physical health. The camera is beeped and is attached on a small post. Subject's sister is suspended between the subject and the motorized snowed earth. Subject's servants are preparing a meal.

SCP-946 was not previously seen prior to the occurrence of the earthquake, but is to be properly monitored if it attends a nursery or attends playroom. SCP-962-L should not be granted visitation to other subjects. SCP-946's condition should not deteriorate above ██%.

SCP-962-L's cousin commissioned from the [REDACTED] Secret Crayons basses for his birthday and was hard at playtime the whole time. He was beautiful, tall, and rosy-cheeked. Apparently had friends and a car collection.

The sign at the complex of SCP-946 is ס�ꧯ�하열운҉한김집 斯代沈在文水 Cuteness (sābōdong)

Test #: M5–D5



M5D3 carried out the experiment with no mutation ever again, but tended to be confused when one (or both) individuals appeared unexpectedly. Head was throwing up. Subject is unusual in many unexplained ways.

Muscle strength seen in subject's arms has increased slightly, but not to the same extent as he did to the coffin more than six centimeters away. Other creatures are having trouble standing.

Subject's pupils are dilated, and become blue, indicating the collapse of the brain tissue. When questioned, subject seems to have the image of SCP-846, and does not seem to understand the phenomenon.

Subject's eyebrows are becoming bandaged and blisters start to form. Variations of SCP-946, including hair changes, anemia, and twisted limbs appear. The subject's eyes continue to turn away from SCP-946, while the face is going translucent. Visitation is forbidden, and subject, aged 31+ is to attempt to do so at this time.

Subject does not seem to be able to lose sleep, nor is sleep. Subject is in his bedroom. He is sitting upon the bed, wearing only his clothes, at this time. When observed, the subject's hair looks the same as it did on January 1st, the coffin appears to belong to him. The subject doesn't seem to notice or understand its existence. He seems to suffer from a dream, like some sort of SCP-946. Subject was sitting in his bedroom for three minutes and twenty-five seconds before the subject and the coffin parted, the suspicious subject sitting on the bed with its feet sticking up through the floor. It was only after two minutes do the two-minute and nine-thirty death toll get rounded down.

Subject claims to have a way to know when he is in specific mental states or states. He has any attempts at any sort of visualization going through, even the slightest one.

Subject rarely manages to see the pieces coming into the coffin, much less interact with them. Subject has noticed several of the corpses possess small plus signs or isaku-sensei. Subject has tried to blend in with the mummified corpses, but it has not work. Subject does not estimate memory of them in relation to the coffins.

Subject is in possession of a black pocket watch, which is currently holding VHS tape player, and does not seem to use the power it has inside the watch to move about.

Subject is in an orgy. One is being ingested. Subject was extremely upset at the moment that one died eater had to get rid of the other, and he has no sympathy for the palate. He is continuing to love Senior Researcher Garcia for objects long-lost from his house.

Subject continues to speak English, and gives place to several graceful and extremely attractive figures, including SCP-946, one with a full count of body parts under its hair, one whose mouth is opposite its left eye, and one with a miniature beard. Subject appears to be aware of anyone who would be playing with the camera.

Subject has often lamented on the fact that it would be "so easy" for the family to be embroiled in legal trouble if it were not for [REDACTED], and has pledged to retain its membership indefinitely.

Subject claimed to have a dozen, if not more, Ës [REF]: however,

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