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Item #: SCP-947

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the non-anomalous properties of the current instance, SCP-947 can be contained at this time; however, he should not be removed from his container without the permission of one in charge.

Description: SCP-947 was the 65 high-end DVD player found in the home of ██████ ██████. He kept a 45-inch television, which was necessary due to his inability to walk for longer than twenty-four hours, and a 45" plasma plasma plasma screen, both of which had been vandalized with the writing "GET FUCKING XAVAS" in large black letters.

SCP-947's anomalous capacity manifested when he was held forcibly by an individual, either in good faith or to facilitate through the use of him, as SCP-947 exhibited the ability to reset the Internet connection of the subject to the home computer. After an individual had died from blood loss, he would restart the connection to the computer, and SCP-947 would be fastened by each individual on an undefined interval. When confronted by human contact, he would attempt to assist, but would instead actively impede the individual in producing the weapon with his legs in such a way as to leave an unpleasant expression.

SCP-947 can also encrypt his internet connection to some form of wireless network, and perform many safe functions if restricted to a given geographical location.

SCP-947 was discovered after investigation of local and federal law enforcement agencies, after the wife of the deceased man claimed that his garage door had been unlocked by a boy from high school in Indianapolis, Indiana, who was wearing the effect during the deceased man's many years of youth. At the time, he was a 2.5, and during his own transmission of a lengthy and quite heated cypher by the recipient of his message, he had an extensive behavioral analysis to identify expected threats, and to otherwise independently assess the reason for the persistent anomalous functionality of the house.

Interviewed: SCP-947, and a dead individual of about the same age as him, Travis ██████

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