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Item #: SCP-948

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: One copy of SCP-948, deleted by the crash of an Imperial fleet in 1752, is being kept on Hard Drive D in the Archives. Security for the copies is to be administered via surveyor. Site dumps their contents into the hands of the Pound-For-Pound bibliophile support staff. Visit the Pound-For-Pound bibliographic resource section for a list of the most popular pages.

In the light of the mind-deadening concept found in SCP-948 and in the predicaments that it has caused, it must remain contained.

Description: SCP-948 is a series of 5 volumes comprising only 4 volumes from reported visits to the library. All records qualify between "bibliographic personal records", and contain all of the official records of the Bibliographic Foundation: all official documents pertaining to the Bibliographic Foundation and the history of the Foundation itself.

The primary reason for the development of SCP-948 is to keep it contained. The Foundation is still open to Contestants, who would be allowed to become an instance of it.

The documents of the Bibliographic Foundation are more extensive and formal than that of the Foundation, and frequently include entries for the International Supplement.

Addenda for the Appreciation of Memetics

Memetics Manual

Inside the Library of the Bibliographic Foundation, two files are contained in different languages: these are the Library of the Bibliographic Foundation Manual and the Library of Memetics 101. It describes the collection of the Foundation's tools, data, and materials.

The Library is an artifact of the Number One Fund of the Bibliographic Foundation. It's no longer an occircumutary organization. The Library is a central entity, and used to keep track of exactly what's contained, what is NOT contained, and what is.

How the Library Soothes Names in the Library

The Library of the Bibliographic Foundation uses a number of anomalous techniques to keep the lists of what's not contained. When one sets foot into a library, the object of the reading will either not come to mind, or become absorbed into the crowd of books. It may turn out that 'the Library of the Bibliographic Foundation' will cover everything that's not contained within it logically, and thus will always be more accurate than any other cropping of objects. However, there is that small danger that a Foundation named after the Library will become somehow aware of its existence, and try to alter its collection to encompass everything... in one's head.

It may be reasoned that it would be foolish to attempt to cover up content that doesn't exist. The Library prefers that things remain in here 'as is'; there's no escaping the problem, and there's more of it here.

The Library also stores the contents of a number of other anomalous objects that may show up in an anomaly's library. These may be forgotten upon a book's consumption. The Library is without a doubt, the oldest Foundation archives I've ever seen.

Librarians don't fight much for the way that their organizations are currently run. I've found that most of their resources be occupied by keeping things locked up in simply papers, and albums. Below is a list of how a main library works, before and after being revised.

Main Library

-Wiki:the fine line between privacy and user experience

The Main Library of the Bibliographic Foundation serves a number of other important functions. It holds the records for all published books, and especially for the massive stacks of rare books that contain such information. It keeps track of records for all members of the administrative staff, is the front door for scientific researchers, and is the clearinghouse for all data.

All of these functions are all done via mail order. Not everyone gets it; unfortunately, the vast majority don't. Those who do are not familiar with the Foundation's process. But, they will probably think that the Foundation will help them! This is the area that they work the most, and which is also their most likely target.

The Library's prior function may be seen in the Library of the Bibliographic Foundation Manual, that document that contains all of the Foundation's documentation. But the Library is not at the heart of it. It's a collection of books, economists, lawyers, and scientific research scholars. It is also a place for those of SCP-948. And, it's a bookstore for the Library.

I will never forget that the book catalogue I first got from the Library was written by a child… I can still smell that sweet molasses…

The Library holds a number of documents that are less directly related to absurdities connected to the Library. I cannot say that they are

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