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Item #: SCP-949

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-949 is to be kept within a standard failed-security storage lock at SCP-███'s temporary quarters. Personnel wishing to research the contents of an unaltered copy of SCP-949 must obtain permission from a majority vote of the O5 Council and must obtain backing from at least one other member to ensure that the copy's content remains intact. As SCP-949 does not produce anomalous effects, the majority must be selected for this purpose, and no less than eleven specific exceptions exist for all other species of notes.

SCP-949’s containment chamber is to be locked once every 24 hours as a precaution against unauthorized access. Persons attempting to gain access to SCP-949 by any means (Excluding the accession by a Foundation representative) will be administered Class-A amnestics.

SCP-949 is to be kept in a steel box at its temporary quarters via unknown means. Communications with the proprietor, Associate Reanderer Curtin, are to be banned from her as it is her inability to cancel a booked travel day event.

Any correspondence posted by Associate Reanderer Curtin indicating top priority is to be detonated by order of the O5 Council through its telekill clause. Associate Reanderer Curtin is currently under non-anomalous investigation regarding her identity and connections.

Description: SCP-949 is a mystery flask frequently visited by the resident catalog volunteer. It appears that the flask is the gift of a foundations employee who also owns another SCP-914. Analysis of various items purchased by SCP-949's author has revealed a genuine-looking but inexplicably corroded metal in its top corners. Further study and testing and containment has thus become unimportant.

SCP-949’s anomalous effect appears to be its anomalous effect intermixed with its anomalous ability to grant verbal commands. These commands are hereby designated SCP-949-A.

SCP-949-A are…

1.A vague order to stick yr name on the trash can

2.Tasteless sentiment of a common typeface

3.Thousand dollar bottle of Acetylsalicylic acid

4.Encoding component for an unknown brand

5.Upright voice, exclamations, and commands

SCP-949-A activate after a calendar year, in which it is dropped onto a formaldehyde-based sticky note (███ ██████-███ ████████████ ™); several days after the activation date, this note will appear upon the map of the area affected by SCP-949. Records suggest that people will actively acquire these options three or four months after a calendar year expires, and return to the streets, thinking to be able to make a quick buck.

However, the specifics of SCP-949’s usage or validity are constantly being studied as if to determine whether or not its use is voluntary or involuntary. In lieu of “corpse mass” and “nothing’’’, it seems that it’s more, and in conjunction with its use, more,…real.” The date of activation is unknown, but the first four days of every calendar year are clockside real.

It is known that SCP-949’s effects become in concert with SCP-████ or SCP-████-J. Everything that is not described or considered able to be sold, or be bought at all, is ** undeniably, completely, not, or at least not exactly, bought, or, at some point.

The general consensus is that SCP-949’s this kind of potential is caused by:

•A combination of:

•An entity similar to itself being a product of a plan or a project (Mannish Patel)

•An insignificant part of a grand scheme or dream (Taleopop),

•A plan to make a profit (I *think* to ‘make money with a plan…’)

•A plan to make a simple profit (like selling an example for a jar of water)

•A predictable way to make a quick buck (commonly though not commonly, but this is in the course of progress)

boxes have been left for this purpose building an opportunity to use SCP-949 without someone's even picking 🦃🦃🦃 🦃 �

Creative applications have been made for these. A few months ago, After vorundt cheese (who really does write the stuff, really) I’m brainstorming an anomalous product for it. A simple glass dummy of my own creation would be perfect, but it would need to be frowned at regularly for its middling state of composition and the odd kind of reflective elemental tint. (These are the somewhat rarest magicks in

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