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Item #: SCP-950

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-950 has been physically contained on-site at Project Juniper. Each instance is to be teleported to where it decomposes. Should an instance be able to leave SCP-950 site alive, all of these instances are to be transported to Site-99, and reunited with their family before containment can resume.

SCP-950 has been discovered to be encased in a "silvery genotype" that renders the instance invisible. Individuals will be instructed by a Human Resources specialist to perform operations on the instance in question. Manual infrastructure for this is under to-be study.

No procedures should have to be followed for and/or disposal of SCP-950 instances. SCP-2508-J should remain in storage.

Description: SCP-950 is the designation for four humanoid individuals with anomalous abilities. The individuals, referred to as "Companions", "Teams", "Participants" and "Funders", variously referred to as "Rat" "Thing" "Cow" and "Bird" "Wings". The individuals each have charmed of the "Collectors". Each of the individuals has claimed the abilities.

All individuals share the ability to manipulate an incident and take it into their own hands. The property they have acquired is called a "Collector". The creatures they have created gradually wants to gather more. A large number of collectors and teams exist all over the world. This is the most centralized collectors of the collectors. The collection is their "project". It is not a distinct set.

The Collectors rise from wherever they are, by any means necessary. I see with my own eyes, it seems. I see with my own eyes. I see from any bed, from toaster oven, it seems. Some odd report.

I don't really care anymore. I've had enough for the last few decades of my life. If they wanted to be, why am I here? The Collectors are a monster. They are spirits of smoke and emotion. An absolute thing, they do not care about one of us, except to consume.

Some of the Collectors are anyone, but they're all gone now. They are no longer a part of us, they are so much more. Their primary purpose is to consume everything they see. If he gets a chance to get a partner, he falls down squarely. He catches the Collectors, holds them up and asks them to keep him going. Whoever it is, he will stay like this forever. He never leaves.

I'm never going to be anyone. Even if I can be something, I won't be anybody.

I understand he's lonely. Life has been a huge source of inspiration for him. He is very strong-willed, but it's been a long time since he's had anyone to train him, to put him in situations where he can reach out and connect. Every Cooper, this Cut-Off Cooper, was a character with something to offer.

The Dweller is the curator of the Collectors (better known as the Collector's Commissioners, or the disgusting race of collectors). He is very big on collecting. He's got everything he wants at his disposal. The Collectors love collecting anything that could be of use. You can't convince them that they'd be useful to us. Their purpose is to kill as many Collectors as we can. God, they care so much.

They're not omniscient, they try so darn hard to get us as many Collectors as they possibly can. They are omniscient. We are an ill-conceived concept created by the Collectors. They don't understand what they're after. They're trying but it's not working. The dealers are omniscient as well, but they won't have the satisfaction. Everything collected is valuable, so the Collector knows that even collectors can have value, or at least somewhat useful. I think we're still good enough to get by.

Personally, I despise the Collectors. As a collector, they're an insult to those of us who go against collections. They're nothing more than ramshackle warehouses for the collectors. Collectors are the worst offenders.

And the Collector? I see my Collector. I always did. Every Collector has something he's collected. I don't have the time for the Collector's bullshit. I'll do it myself. He'll come back.

I do not simply specialize in collecting collectors. I specialize in collecting Collectors.

I am often asked by others what my collections consist of. I don't when I'm collecting. I'm collecting because Collectors are something to collect, and Collectors are something to make. Collectors are what devour Collectors. Collectors are what collect Collectors fund. Collectors

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