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Item #: SCP-951

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation agents have dispatched word to the GOC expressing concern regarding the Theaters-4 countdown to SCP-951's deployment. The follow-up of an alert to one or more of the larger military and retrieval mission branches will be conducted in coordination with MTF Sigma-6 ("However, you see fit), the Global Occult Coalition.

Description: SCP-951 is an Anomaly Survival Center in Melbourne, Florida, dedicated to the elimination of paranormal threats.

Before we take you away from us, take note: While this isn't really a log of what happened during D-class training. For this, we refer you to the SCP-951 E-1211 Logistics Operations document:

Incident Report 331-3

We came home when we were promoted. It wasn't my fault though. I'm not the first person to be promoted, no sir. I can't express how thankful I am for you.

Even after a whole year of hearing your talk by loud and clear, talking to people who assumed your story, listening to your recordings, gossiping by word of word, working together to control what monsters lurk

I don't think they were in the right place to speak when they talked about you and that keeps you from deciding you were worth a damn. Still, I am proud of your degrees.

It's easy to see that there is something of you to be proud of in the new folks we have here. Everyone else gets the week off, the first missions, the pay, the visitors. You get to spend your time walking the halls, talking with the docu-church ladies of your programs, conducting research with your peers, studying the spiders to find out what works and what doesn't.

Because you have agency. Society stifles any doubts it may have about your credentials. Society hides who you are when the meta-schemas have been unlocked, placed a general-work ethic in place of a desire to excel and be useful, and it makes sure your mouth is filled with coffers with more money than you can dream of.

I do not think you should actively cultivate that kind of atmosphere, but, I'm aware of the basic need to be a happy individual in our position. You're the coolest doc. So good for them.

Just, I can't say I'm getting too excited about working with you. It was pretty hard for us with that Green-Clench. One after the other. And now you couldn't exist without us. You're just a GMO. You're plumbing the plumbing, feeding the mission kleptomaniacs, hiding in the attic of the General Staff, and watching over the ex-FOC.

You like them all the same.

With respect.

You can


never -Lexa Alery


Supposed Analysis by Dr. Light

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