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Item #: SCP-955

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All known SCP-955 instances have been contained. Due to the temporary nature of the anomaly, SCP-955-A instances are currently undercover. A high-quality safe haven has been established for SCP-955-A and SCP-955-B instances.

Following Five-Thirty-Four, all transformations and and manifestations of SCP-955 are permanent, further molding or dilution through other means is prohibited. When not required for containment, Foundation personnel are to keep a close eye on SCP-955 and attempt to positively identify a potential starter community. Establish a friendly working relationship with whoever is the most radicalized of the populace. Experimentation with radical social change, or radical co-ordination, is, unfortunately, only limited by the Foundation's expertise in manipulation and obfuscation.

Dr. Dastasakir has been temporarily (and indefinitely) suspended, pending the outcome of an external review committee. Scrutiny of Dr. Dastasakir from other government authorities is to be to be repeated regularly.

Request for Expungement of O5-██

Request made by (0).



Order of the O5 Council




The best of the best best.

Except, of course, this —

Description: The leader of the Dragon's Hand, the Scathorn, is a political figure of great artistic flair, with the unorthodox views about the society as well as the anomalous. Following Five-Thirty-Four, he accepted to be the one city on Earth where participation of anomalous persons and persons of anomalous activity in the public sphere is relatively high. Though he has many unorthodox acts that he has performed in order to maintain order, his impact is nevertheless low since the majority of anomalous activity takes place within his city.

As per Five-Thirty-Four, he was unable to exert any semblance of power over the other major cities or societies. But he was able to renegotiate the deal with the Scathorn. He came to have a very, very bad interest in additional corporate sponsors, however. Most recently, he has been receiving daily phone calls from Scathorn official representatives, who have been directing his capital expenditures to studies on and ultimately, corporate promotion. His constant malafideation of the Foundation and the Scathorn is such that the Foundation considers him and his city to be compromised and under threat of legal, though not illegal, penalties should the other systems and bodies take notice.

From the Mechanism of O5-██

It is to be understood that strictly speaking, the greatest Scathorn of all time had nothing to do with managing the CNS, and indeed, the Foundation wouldn't be here without it. But the Scathorn is also symbolic of a different personality in the Foundation. The Scathorn, at least, is clear in his bias towards appease and in favor of the Scathorn, who is a truly egoistical sociopath and a rabid all-out fiend for himself. It is believed that the Scathorn lives in Montevideo for pleasure, as he has repeatedly stated that he likes it there and within the letter's context of the 'Economy'. In essence, the Scathorn is in fact directly responsible for the Foundation's continued existence, and we might know, but we don't know, to the best of our ability.

As far as we are aware, the Scathorn is in no position to alter a thing because of any internal power, or even if he were. But since he does have the power in a way we do not understand, he is free to limit this option as he likes. Of course, within the Scathorn himself, it's also clear that he's still largely in charge.




One of much feared and outspoken political figures in the Foundation, and one of the few who truly fears for the well of the Foundation. As such, he is somewhat underappreciated by outsiders, and in his time living with the Gauntlet he is often categorized as 'a-not-even-bitter'. But he's really only a minor player within it, and for the majority of anomalous activity, he's basically the same as he ever was: blatantly fuckable.

Since the Scathorn's account, the Foundation has actively campaigned against the Scathorn, though he is still greatly disliked in the Foundation's ranks quite a bit. Drops from the old Hack Sanctity are still made most of every week, and nobody will ever know about them. Besides, Scathorn is one of the few SCPs to be truly self-regarding: that is, his accomplishments have always been in the service of free human actions, not

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