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Item #: SCP-956

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Due to SCP-956's low target market, it will remain in the Foundation's public domain. This will cause numerous businesses in the US and Europe occasionally to produce counterfeit copies of the anomalous device. As of now, the earliest affected businesses will probably only play a part in containing it, substituting counterfeit adjustments or other gimmicks, but their personnel will play such a character. After the item's disappearance for a short time, the affected businesses will return the artifact to the Foundation.

The affected companies will usually work with the local police departments to remove the article from circulation. There is currently no method of ensuring that the affected businesses nearly always obtain the hands-off SCP-956. As of now, much of the use of SCP-956 is through the purchase of jumbo-sized movies and other items of global distribution among other businesses. Businesses must be notified to remove the artifact from display possession as soon as possible.

Only public viewing of SCP-956 pieces of art are allowed on the internet. SCP-956 is not supposed to be published on the internet.

The Foundation will conduct regular surveys of the affected companies before taking action, usually connecting with the local media and then distributing informational pamphlets.

Description: SCP-956 is a wearable art piece with an elaborate set of mechanical features. It is unique among art pieces with a simple outer layer, composed of an unidentified stone found in France, but capable of being worn permanently.

It features a design printed onto the back, a small part of which features a stylized biohazard symbol. Large sections of the piece are painted red in a bright red.

While attached to the elaborate mechanical apparatus, a basic 456-A4 engine appears. This produces an extremely weak 120kW of power when attached to the device. It is significantly more powerful when detached from the form; however, the exact mechanism is unknown at this time.

When powered on, the device emits a low frequency sound slightly below the human ear. It is only unknown whether this sound is made from the electrical output of the device or the engines themselves. SCP-956 could remain powered on while power is being transferred via the device's turbines, but leaving it powered disconnected.

SCP-956's bare form allows for use with nearly any metal or plastic object of beveled composition, suitable for its bizarre surface. However, wearability has limited its offensive ability to society's use.

As of this writing, the most common instances of SCP-956-A are disassembled and reused. The object will tend to serve as a portable device, as will most artworks made of the fragmenting silver, which is made of rare earth elements. Still, the underlying metal is far more interesting, as anomalously enough, providing a more human-like appearance while being unplayable.

Although the mechanism is lacking, some anomalous activities will remain. It is still unknown what exactly exactly it does. Chemical analyses of the substance suggest that it is the imprinting as well as a digestive system, but the exact mechanism is unknown.

The word "scans" has been attached to the confusion-infected image to indicate their link to the artifact.

Creation: the plot thickens

Creation Source: D-900785 @


Creation Notes: I saw the SCP-956 on his way home. Very glad not to. It's not my ideal realm, but I'll be damned if he didn't try to keep it contained.

SCP-956 appears to have aged a lot. At least the pieces the doctor left were still intact. The yellow stains are more obvious-looking.

Hayley shuddered. She wasn't aware that the artifact was not fully nude. She was afraid to look at, and afraid to touch. As it branched out, he seemed beautiful. She matched her looks with him, and could not stop herself from falling head over heels in love with him.

Hayley shuddered. Her heart probably skipped a beat when she realized the artifact was not her boyfriend.

Creation: the plot thickens


SCP-956 looks like it was made from a sheet of cardboard wrapped in a thin, brown, flannel. The powder on the box next to the machine is virtually gone, and a small portion on one end is still covering a pixel. This kink is at the box end, but not quite as obvious.

Hayley shuddered.

Creation: SHOWZARD

SCP-956's reality is very unstable. A number of simple effects can be triggered which can set anything into its entirety, appear random, or destroy any system it currently uses. There is more to it than that-

Hayley shuddered.

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