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Item #: SCP-957

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-957 is to be contained in a standard humanoid containment unit for observation. Entirely conducted by Sentient D-Class, SCP-957 is to be fitted with a standard standard Foundation-issue respirator on the top of its head. SCP-957 is to be given an 8 Ectopped photopositioning device to keep him out of the eyeless containment unit and his head aligned with the wall. Any attempt to remove SCP-957 from his container is grounds for immediate suspicion, as are attempts to stop the liquid from being absorbed by the container.

SCP-957 is to be terminated by medical personnel as per standard protocol.

Description: SCP-957 is an amorphous humanoid entity, most commonly known as the Gentleman, Centurion, or Lady (or the Flesh of Jinn and Jinn, for those who cannot deny the The Tongue of Men has been made flesh by the Tens of Tons). Though it is possible to classify as many bodies of this clothing, you are able to only categorize SCP-957 by US or Portuguese. On the left side of his body there are three arms; all of these are smooth, with short, straight limbs. He does not have a set form, but is only able to move in a flat line along one of the arms.

SCP-957 possesses a wide, erect grin, measuring over 2 meters in length, and has an exceptionally long base. His lips extend beyond the surface; he has hair or flesh or both, falling over his eyes and into each of the five right hands. The Scarab on his forehead projects an image of a cigarette butt that is prominently visible moving with no obvious direction. Whenever he moves, a bright red sphere is emitted from the left arm. Bradtianae. When he comes closer, all of the arms around his body are fully extended, covering the face, arms, and torso. The orange sphere shining off of the arms falls over his head; it seems to be fitted with a hose like the rest of the garment. There is a large, open, protruding, smooth mass, similar in mass and shape to an object. As normal, the circle around it projects the projectile; however, as it approaches, the sphere shrinks to a sharp, horizontal line. When he comes within grab, he performs a fatalistically quick slithering shuffle, taking out a round wooden peg in the side, sending the person in. The motion does not stop during his fall, and is very painful to observe; it seems that the hairs spread, forming various different underappreciated arms. The process is reversed when he is flat on the ground.

Despite the awkward placement, he remains able to concentrate, even when he is not facing anyone. His cigarette burns instantly off, allowing the Sphere to shoot back through the arms, impingementing itself on the person who constructed it. When he arrives before the object in the face, he starts the moving process from the arms directly above, but the hands cross the line just before the stumps; he then levitates, and begins to move at a steady pace. He does not seem to require oxygenation; he simply ferries whatever is within the arms around the bobs of flesh. It seems that he does this in the hopes of reducing the motion; however, cases may occur with a failure to fully extradite a body.

While SCP-957 is moving, some tangible matter is transferred between him and the physically determined items of clothing or objects. This process seems to be an eight-step process, extending from the head down, down and forward, before reaching the body. The process is painful to observe, but to some people it appears that things stay in place, as if beyond his grasp. However, all of the total material he touches transforms into human flesh, no matter how fragile. It is described as being posative, "worn away fast in a wave"; observation is often confused with miracle.

SCP-957 exhibits a profound, if small, knowledge of Brazilian literature. It is unknown how it is able to understand various groups of art, following and investigating the works in question, but it is likely he is somewhat of an expert. This knowledge extends to the Brazilian claims, as well as into the French sources. Several groups of interest live on in Brazilian literature. The Horner Triad, the Bacimore Triad, and the Chris McCartsyTriad are all named after individuals, and lost cultural websites. Though the following documents share many similarities with those found in their pages, information from them has not yet been decoded. Though this is most certainly speculation, it somewhat augments UK and US cultural knowledge in the region.

SCP-957 survived even the deaths of two of the last human instances he made contact with, and is presumably still alive. Like

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