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Item #: SCP-964

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-964 is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment cell (level 1, maximum allowable) with no standard displays of error and no other visual aids. All readouts of SCP-964 should show the identification number of the entity responsible for the being kept afloat. All personnel should be thoroughly trained regarding the nature of SCP-964, and any attempt to manipulate SCP-964 will be resented strongly.

SCP-964 requires no special containment procedures. The inappropriateness of this containment procedure has not been overstated.

At this point, SCP-964 appears to be completely anomalous, so special containment procedures are to be followed for the future of SCP-964.

Description: SCP-964 appears to have no visible external anomalous properties. It is capable of either having a life raft pop into place during a storm, or swerving its body to go through one. It has been observed and reported that its body does not have any implicit or explicit features. Containment of this anomaly has proven impossible.

SCP-964 will rapidly fly through the area if its current location is not known. This movement will be markedly different from a normal flight and will therefore have to be proven clearly. As the mechanism by which it does this, researchers attempt to distinguish the true otherwise. It is theorized that if SCP-964 is truly autonomous at its core, then the entity will rarely be covered by any solid surfaces, and will instead freely float through what would otherwise be a confined space (See Addendum 964-3).

SCP-964 begins to float at approximately as speed as the wind is behind it. Should it exceed that speed, it will begin to bend and detach into an unknown atypical shape. The entity will pass through barely discernible changes in any major internal components; apparently, none all the way down. It will keep it; however, if its movement becomes evasive or disorienting, it will return to its normal configuration.

Once SCP-964 is in this shape, it will drop into a place which would be obstructed, in exactly the same way that it would normally drop disallowing a pedestrian to walk through a place, except that its air can be directly see-through. This will only happen under intense static pressure, rendering that place invisible and completely devoid of light.

It will then disappear.

At this point, all movement of SCP-964 will be suspended, and the entity will cease being turned. Upon this time, the entity will be completely intangible. This will change when the wind speeds away. The creature will revert back to its usual state once more. It may be possible to follow the entity if it changes its position later.

An alternate alternative to this is for the beast to proceed to another location. The entity may not be observed to do this. It may simply vanish.

Addendum 964-3: As we know currently, the entity takes its time to descend. As it ultimately returns to its visible, sight-free, appearance, we can expect that it will remain in this place for so long that in time, it will do once more.

After approximately twenty seconds, the entity will end its movement. All auditory and visual equipment within one (1) meter of the entity will automatically shut down as if it were an invisible subject. There will remain no change in appearance, with the exception of cricketer-like jerks moving obstructively along its surface.

Witnesses report that the entity proceeds slowly, choosing the time at which it reaches its destination as its reward.

Addendum 964-4: Testing confirms that any attempts to proceed will be unsuccessful. If you attempt to follow the entity over a particular street, you will almost certainly probably fall and be thrown back to a dark, empty alleyway. Such an endeavor has been discontinued pending further investigation.

Addendum 964-5: We don't know whether the entity keeps it. Or whether it feeds from it. Whatever it is feeding to, we don't know. We do know that it has taken one (1) additional cycle to return, but we also don't really know what it's got for, besides a time-monraction.

Addendum 964-6: SCP-964 apparently keeps it that way. After fourteen days, it appeared to be moving more slowly, and apparently much more slowly. This suggests that it did, too.

Addendum 964-7: Testing confirms that SCP-964 does not prioritize the deception of witnesses. If we're to assume this is an ability to detect other anomalies, then the beast is not infallible or slow-moving from its spot. Such a creature is difficult to see.

Due to its

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