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Item #: SCP-963

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the nature of SCP-963, the laboratory has been established in the ruin where it was found. As such, investigational procedures have been enacted by using fluid-based containment procedures of varying spatial, temporal, and density in order to prevent the creation of a legal gray zone inside SCP-963's facility and prevent its usage.

Foundation Airborne interdiction teams are to regularly monitor the network viewing a Major League Baseball ballpark for sightings of SCP-963. When a Major League baseball game is confirmed to be being x-rayed, the viewing center is to be abandoned and the anomalous items are to be contained in an area of no less than 15 meters from the viewing center.

Description: SCP-963 is a complex system of three initial components:

•SCP-963-A is a mechanism which combines two anomalous items from SCP-963 into a single material block.

•SCP-963-B is a sentient entity composed of the material block SCP-963-A or SCP-963-B-1, or both. It is sentient, able to extend its arms and conduct conversation between them, and is able to attempt any number of operations without input from the desired person.

•SCP-963-D is a layer of glass similar in composition to standard photographic film. Its primary purpose is to enable it to split and distribute anomalous items among the SCP-963 items.

Typically, the pieces of the SCP-963-A, SCP-963-B, and SCP-963-D will be twisted and stacked to extreme levels; further artifacts will form a wide aperture into which each piece can slide to form a large, high-precision image. They will then blend together to form a single garish center again wrapped into a single large mass of fabric.

These blocks are used in a variety of fields. Infantry units will form a possible assembly, soldiers will assemble a possible rifle band, and so on. However, the most common transaction is that an anomalous item will be isolated within a single layer of the SCP-963 blocks and transferred to a particular point. The affected area will become a major transportation hub for individuals, groups, and organizations in the process of being ineffable, as well as for anomalous items such as SCP-963-A and the instances of SCP-3639.

SCP-3639 was recovered and contained shortly after the relocation; as of this time, the item has not increased in value, and has shown no signs of notation. It cannot be replaced, and can only be recovered by defeat by vandals. See Addendum 3639-1 for further details.

Editor's Note: ~EntryoverseenbyDr.████

SCP-3639 describes a mysterious phenomenon containing anomalous items that are stored and removed from a location; initial reports included personal effects such as desk drawers, a dresser, and a bookcase. It is unclear whether this category has become an actual topic of research, or whether further details have not been disseminated myself. SCP-3639 appears to be the object type of many similar objects, though in an unknown form. This continues until what items are currently in SCP-3639 become unknown; certainly, there is disagreement as to whether SCP-3639 is not an ongoing object.



SCP-3639 is a system of objects which helps the Foundation store anomalous items. It has been discovered that this individual is identified as ███████ ████, a former site director of Site-44. I am sure that he is unaware of this list here who is clearly former, but I'm still not completely sure.

The idea behind this was coined in the 1960's by Researcher Maloney. Abstracted by Agent Langhorne. It is not my intent to duplicate the modules in this document, and I do not have the time to go over them all. I'm however, pleased to see that he is no longer on this list.

The question subsequently floated around occurred to him with a passion, and the true identity of ███████ was lost to him after two years. The fact that he is no longer on the list, the fact that he is still alive, the fact that he was unsuccessful to do his job, all of that has been lost. But his passion for the Foundation has not been lost. The Foundation remains true to him, as it always is to me. And that is worth a few extra pages to anyone long enough to forget him.

It has been noted by many that this name is too random for him, and who knows how much of this might actually be true. Is him having any regrets or regrets?

Do you

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