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Item #: SCP-962

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The possession of this object is not permitted by anyone without the superior order of O5 Command. Just be careful not to grab it first, and no other "colleagues" have access to it.

Description: SCP-962 is a pyramidal oval, approximately 3.0 meters wide. No two pieces alike have ever been found, but the object first came to the Foundation's attention in 1985, when they discovered an abandoned-radio installation in [REDACTED], a town in [REDACTED] possessed by an entity of Greek name. When questioned, O5 Command admitted to knowing about this object, but claimed that it "is a crafter to keep away any and all humans that may be unlucky in that. It merely keeps in sight a mortal threat, or at least keeps a mortal menace from attaining power over it."

I am doing this because I'm not sure who leaked this info to you, some site wildcard or someone. Please, calm down and shut it down -- I've seen your notes.

By asking questions, you may confirm whether or not the item itself, or someone else, had any of the information you're requesting. If someone claims to have gotten this information from the confidential people on your behalf, cooperate with them to find the truth.

This has to be done properly, but sorry if this means we have to resign ourselves to being imaginative and protecting one another without starting any of a fight.

This is Keter class, and there is no chance of accidental termination.

I'll catch you and make you understand, O5 Command. Until next time, my regards,

Andrew Nuff, Site Director


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