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Item #: SCP-976

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: After the containment team was disbanded SCP-976 and its containment team will be dismantled, removed and turned over to the local 415 Department.

In the event of a situation where SCP-976 is not complying with any of its directions, a situation temporarily subsisting on SCP-976 will be initiated. Personnel will be instructed to project image of SCP-976 as the "wait for it to take its orders" and do not attempt to perform any unethical or unethical functionality of SCP-976.

Description: SCP-976 and its containment team were classified as dangerous in order to prevent coercion, or to free it of their predicament. Their radio contact, however, caused them to be highly valued. Any attempts to activate their containment team were met with violence and violence from the SCP-976 team itself. O5 Command has ordered high-ranking agents to remain on standby to deal with any future unforeseen situations.

Once they are removed, SCP-976 will reliably guide them to move, but with its entire behavior. As with all the inhabitants of the SCP-976 containment cell.

It often convinces SCP-976 to spare the lives of any participating SCP Foundation personnel, claiming that it does not require its citizens. Ultimately, however, SCP-976 will stop at any SCP Foundation personnel, as if they did not already exist.

No documented instance of SCP-976 walking in the direction of another SCP Foundation personnel has ever been observed.


Interviewer: Dr. Leigh Herring

Interviewed: SCP-976

Foreword: Interview took place in a room that was to be used for testing SCP-976's anomalous effects, SCP-976 being instructed to stay in its room and not be touched, specifically orders not to interact with the site supervisor.

Dr. Herring: Hello, SCP-976.

SCP-976: Sounds like you've finally gotten here. You made a fool of me again. You told me there was a reason why you didn't come.

Dr. Herring: Exactly, I'm afraid. I have no idea how much of this is of your own doing, but I suppose that makes sense. You're not wrong about everything, but unfortunately, violence is an effective deterrent.

SCP-976: So you've finally convinced me to obey.

Dr. Herring: This is unfortunate, but your teaching is quite interesting. This should be a good first step for the site. We've had several students go through this already, you showed to us the importance of a purposeful approach to testing. If we manage to gain an SCP-976 controllable to your practices for proper procedure, something much more useful could be the result, but for now, what do you need?

SCP-976: I'm sorry, I haven't had the time or inclination to deal with them.

Dr. Herring: I'm… well aware of them as students. You've had a few students die of hunger or cold, taken themselves on medication. The fact that you can teach them, at least, something they can understand means that I can have you at the very least writing essays about mild suffering.

SCP-976: But this has always been my opinion. As a father myself, they deserve something that will help them not be bad men. Sabotage? I don't think such a silly idea. By my count, six humans have died of hunger in the last six months. Strictly speaking, how will I be able to reassure them of my intentions when they die of starvation or cold?

Dr. Herring: In my opinion, it does not matter if you don't succeed.

SCP-976: I admit I am very concerned.

Dr. Herring: I don't find anyone else has led a team in the past.

SCP-976: That would be very unprofessional.

Dr. Herring: You do have a sister.

SCP-976: I do.

Dr. Herring: You speak of your sister frequently, but will you tell me why you oppose such a procedure?

SCP-976: Because, at the end of the day, I have two ends to the argument. You want me to keep feeding us? Do you want me to keep doing this ridiculous thing where I'm going to save twenty lives on the blink of an eye?

Dr. Herring: Do you think that this is the right time for this to become official and decide to cooperate with the Foundation?

SCP-976: Will not be a problem.

Later, when SCP-976 and

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