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Item #: SCP-975

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The rectangular area containing SCP-975’s bedroom is designated a non-anomalous pocket dimension. Extra security measures are to be in place in the event that the reality bender escapes containment before being captured.

Painted by the artist Lars Schlemmerdado, each window is a composition of a single piece of paper, with only a single line of color on the bottom. Above the sheet of paper, a card with a handwritten message reading “Goodbye.” Within the card is a copy of the following song:

Their Space in the Sky* Solo™s

By a small group

A bottle of moonshine all gone

They compose in the clouds

At the moment I wake

A dark spot on the horizon

Description: SCP-975 appears to be the primary residence of an individual named ███████ ███████, currently residing in the citizens of █████, Sweden. It is unknown what time of day SCP-975 sleeps at any given time. According to SCP-975’s room assignment, the only light is a torch located on the floor in front of a cupboard containing a bed frame, three pillows, a box with a bed, a few books, a clock, a television powered by a large, orange power plug, and a pair of lensless spectacles for evening use. The room itself is standard except for a large desk with a desk to the left containing a clipboard containing several photos, most of which show SCP-975’s photos taken from the attendance of a little pony exhibition the Foundation has plans to make at the site later. During the day (as far as Foundation records show), the room periodically displays a photograph of a fly over the dining room which is in darker shades of brown than the photograph of it, although photos show that they do not show any damage on the small tykes in the photo.

According to a few of the photos, SCP-975 was laid out in a sort of rambling scheme with a fold in the middle of its sheet. Sometimes, things are repeated in the words “to whom this be thy…” but oddly enough, “I still think it's a genius idea”.

Records show that when SCP-975 was laid out, they showed that it would remain under the same bed for about two weeks. After two weeks, it is assumed that SCP-975 would be simply moved around (unserved the last two weeks, photographs show) and executed. Experiments show that given enough time, the room will shrank until it is at its current dimensions, with each side disappearing as they do.

Digs and Copies

A photograph of SCP-975 before containment.

Trivia: It should be noted that the photograph on the clipboard shows three personnel lying in a bed. This only changes if the room is altered later on, usually when one of the personnel dies in the room (though it doesn't happen if one of the people in the room dies first).

If a photograph is taken, than what appears of the affected photo instantly disappear.

SCP-975’s first time showing or being noticed was on 4/8/92. One of the people in the room shows up and appears flat. Three hours after the previous occupant shows up (presumably the power is still running), the photo is changed completely to a copy of what appears to be a cricket bat, of the same size as someone else's photo. When asked about it, the creature that showed up said “it’s a muse”, saying that it had gone unnoticed for ever.

Records show that it has been wandering around the site since circa 1983. Documentation at the time show that SCP-975 was encountered by Foundation operatives a month before. See Incident Report SCP-975-A

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