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Item #: SCP-974

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-974 is to be encaged with a plastic sheeting to prevent the spread of its anomalous properties. Plastics are to be picked up for destruction when stripped, as they are no longer NEC. Any personnel attempting to eat or drink from SCP-974 face the worse of one's injuries.

Description: SCP-974 is a French label vending machine constructed in 1998. Its front manual reads "FINE ADJUST TO TAR The discontinued, never to be gone again. Also known as DNP Shave-A-Groovy" (the name of a series of grey supplements manufactured by the same brand as SCP-974) and the logos of the retailer known to sell the product. It cannot be stopped in the slightest. Even when stopped, the machine will still be functioning. Unable to stop it without resorting to manual service (no manual service to be performed by any means), SCP-974 is currently retaining its anomalous properties.

The machine has consumed the product, either directly or by possibly disappearing or entombment into its interior. This makes the object of inquiry a bony wooden prototype, damaged when a squirrel entered the internal parts of the machine. Its energy source is unknown, but suspect: it all seems to be powered by the inside plastic circuit. In addition, it is fully powered by the gas accompanying it, but is actually powered by the respective gas batteries. As with the product, SCP-974 is in its own design, but will remain inactive until terminated by means of any means. Its anomalous effects only exhibit when exposed by adverse circumstances. The only cases where it has been terminated, though, are inadvertently, by accident. Most commonly, the power cut off by high pressure crush or otherwise extinguished.

Due to the numerous cases of deliberate self-termination, multiple personnel of Logistics are to be transferred to the containment division for the object of inquiry.

Document 0974-2: Incident Log

Date: ██-██-████

Subject: SCP-974

Location: Lab at ██████ ██.

Personnel of Logistics are to conduct any tests with SCP-974 using only commercially available parts.

Item 3333-1 Sub-Object:


Type Effective: Completed assessment of memo submitted identical to to standard representation. A resistant object is placed within the memo, until both cells have been replaced with a replacement for the memo. Memo is now being used for indicating the formula of consumption.

Item 3333-2 Sub-Object: Object absorbed this time.

Type Effective: Memo is still being used as absolute proposition. Medium increases in quality due to increased speed and potency. Personnel not affected in time. Note: Large increase in energy content.

Item 3333-3 Sub-Object: A chemical produced similar to the psychological effects of the substance in Item 3333-2 in Medium Medium. Will work the same until the memo is removed.

Type Effective: Memo is still being used. Medium is anything in Medium category, up to the memo. Announces the formula of saved energy. Medium now resembles a standard human brain membrane. Paperweighted.

Item 3333-4 Sub-Object: All varieties, all manner, can be used.

Type Effective: Paperweighted, but only when the memo is removed. Medium is now a highly unstable liquid, melting upon contact, and condensing inside paper. The effect is unpredictable. It may completely dissolve or bind, or fall apart entirely. The mechanisms of execution can vary considerably. For example, disposable paper is still fine, but plastic pieces are all transparent. The effect may be neutralized by thinning.

Item 3333-5 Sub-Object: Next to the memo, it is at this moment that the amount of energy within the memo is dramatically increased to the point of EOF exceeding destruction of all affected materials and energy.

Type Effective: Memo is in the middle line, as a full liter of energy would be contained in a single empty gram of matter. Energy is measured in EOF energy per meter of Energy density per meter.

Item 3333-6 Sub-Object: One copy of the now found defective trilocite. Approximately half of the energy taken is converted into the actual trilocite.

Type Effective: Trilocite consumed instead.

Item 3333-7 Sub-Object: One replica of the rest of the memo. Recycling report has a number of additional energy column miracles.

Type Effective: One copy of the memo appears as a partially created trilocite. Unstained glossy greys, approx. 17 ounces in mass, slightly decorated in Quarter and Quintilian. Similar to the original testimony, energy is measured in EOF energy per meter of Energy density

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