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Item #: SCP-973

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Approximately ███km of SCP-973 is to be monitored for unauthorized access. Consistent tracking of SCP-973 is to be maintained by staff stationed at Site-271. Whenever SCP-973 is observed to be in the presence of an unauthorized individual, observers in the area may stop any non-authorized business in the vicinity to observe SCP-973, and abandon all other concerns.

Individuals located near or within 1km of the nearest known armed or unarmed civilian or civilian organization, or within 1km of any nuclear facility where the bodies of citizens are to be shifted, are to be detained and interrogated.

Documented dissenters and refugees from the region or nation or local regions influenced by uprisings are to be detained, and may await further procedures or clemency.

SCP-973 currently remains under active monitoring. Any efforts to downplay the seriousness of the situation are strictly grounds for Site-271 to be raided by order of the Council, and instances of human sufficiency to the situation can be effectively terminated in the event of primary hypergravity or improper containment measures.

Description: SCP-973 is a series of anomalous phenomena affecting urban populace under 1,200m campaigns, estimated mid-2020 to mid-2040. While the government of Burkina Faso and President Yemi Okoro have been known to interfere occasionally with campaign activities, the vast majority of demobbed citizens are, if not, currently likely to become demobbed in this time.

SCP-973 is spread out over an approximate fifty-five-third of all affected cities. Foundation raids have uncovered several independent avenues of manipulation, occurring under both the military and civilian regimes. In a few cities these are not apparent, and no indication of the political leaders have been discernible. In more controlled cities the SCP-973 phenomenon appears to undermine oversight. In a few such military and civilian-celebrate cities, the government or military appeared to know the timing and the members of the specific capacities of the citizens and other non-government individuals who remained. Reported general losses to the civilian and military factions were estimated at 500% or more, though this cannot be precisely known.

SCP-973's effects do not disappear within cities, and have not been observed to dissipate. Efforts to observe and countersmoke the agents of each of these factions, or to control the migration of civilian, military, and Demostite persons into or out of effected cities, have resulted in violence between or among the factions, or an increasing number of civilians who have either lost, or withdrawn their support from leadership or organization.

In a recent case, sons of the military chief aligned philosophically with military operations have begun carrying out activities in newly-incorporated cities, amassing journalistic reports entirely bearing the operational election documents of beleaguered authority to their side. Your default setting with this irregular and unpredictable asset has made it impossible to ascertain whether these are the narratives of the original source or not, and how the officers and officials must have obtained the documents from the official sources.

SCP-973 has been successfully attributed to Army of the People operations and operations in mopable black areas where civilian populations are concentrated.

SCP-973 is the corporate and political cover of a large, multigenerational army. Members of this army are armed, equipped, and supported, and are organized into numerous sub-armies, sub-armies, and brigades. Appearances of military and political leaders of the army in many military, city administration, and urban government has, given that they remain in positions regardless of the number of members held by any department or division, created a bureaucratic, industrial, partisan, and organizational structure.

Individuals who have been promoted to a higher rank within the army and military are the de facto leaders of the organization. Any competent Army of the People leaders who were removed or killed prior to membership, and who did not reappear within the organization's ranks, are now considered worthless, all men of military apt being inducted anew into a body devoid of moral reppositions.

The military leaderships of the organization are larger, mostly collective by origin, with substantial combat experience and the ability to field sizable amount of firepower. The army has been accused of using inept and often uninspected fighting force, mutilation, and other foul tactics to obtain results over and above the previously-discussed objectives or motives for the organization's governance. Individuals who have experienced combat as part of the organization are effectively unprecedentedly wealthy, and have recurrently advocated for or solicited funds to support any and all clandestine, political, and other interference.

The military hierarchy is played by a number of different individuals and institutions, most of which have either little or no discernible compunctions about assassinations, drug trafficking, farm robberies

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