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Item #: SCP-972

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-972 is to be kept in main confinement at Sector-48. Testing of SCP-972 will be permitted once a year. Requests to conduct experiments will be denied. All communication with SCP-972-1 instances is to be directed to authorized researchers.

SCP-872-1 instances are to be confined to standard humanoid containment cells containing 48 instances, and a tarp is to be draped over them.

Description: SCP-972 is a tall humanoid, approximately 180cm tall, resembling Deputy James Fuchs with brown-orange hair. SCP-972-1 is the body of SCP-972-1, formerly an 80kg husk. (See Interview Log 972-1)

Although SCP-972 devoid of taking on the appearance of other living organisms, SCP-972-1's skin appears identical to the skin of its mother (SCP-972-2). SCP-972-1's head resembles SCP-972-2, although the exact location of the mouth is also consistent. SCP-972-1 possesses no other bodily appendages besides the skin on its own skin; the skin on its own skin is abnormally thick for a single instance, and though it is rarely dressed, clothing is permanently attached to the skin once removed.

SCP-972 was found in [DATA EXPUNGED]. The arrest warrant from its mother's estate was confiscated and discovered to have been compiled from multiple news reports and the court documents from Dusty's Estate in █████████, ███████. SCP-972-2 was not discovered, and Foundation agents were unable to locate it. However, three days later, Foundation operatives intercepted the warrant from Smart and determined that according to the property records the same property had been purchased by the deceased of Mr. Potter (see later interviews under research, SCP-972-3).

Addendum 972-1: Meeting scheduled for ██/ ██/██

Interviewed: SCP-972-1, SCP-972-2, and Director █████

Interviewer: M██████ ███████, SCP-972-3

SCP-972-3: But, Your Honor, I'm afraid all of us need to take a break. Before those social meetings, no one really knows us

SCP-972-2: And the activities of the Foundation you're talking about.

SCP-972-1: Believe me, I'm keeping all of us busy, don't worry about it. Besides, I'm just compensation. I was kind of a baby shipper, and sometimes those older and harder pays far less. And the pay's not gone down on my age yet…

SCP-972-2: I'm sorry, Your Honor. A little out of the blue. First the money, then the hanger, and now the candy.

SCP-972-1: And the fillings.

SCP-972-2: Yeah, no… I'm just getting used to the feel. You don't want to roll that stick into a pile of money, or go back to healthy, fairness-focused compounding. You know it, and we'll see.

Dr. █████: It's all just a matter of time. How are you feeling today?

SCP-972-2: I feel a little better. No cravings, no rush, just more of a normal day in coffee.

SCP-972-1: …Having my money go up…

Dr. █████: What?

SCP-972-1: Thanks for talking to me, Your Honor. If it were you… I'd envy you, but it's this job that's hell on your back. Let me get a fee structured, and we could move on. No commitments, nothing concrete, but we can at least walk after a couple months' money. Which seems kinda shitty.

Dr. █████: So worth it all?

SCP-972-2: I don't know… I ain't nobody.

SCP-972-1: I guess… I don't know, but I wouldn't know, either. You're a pretty nice guy, but that's kinda fucked up that I can use you right here, in an abandoned warehouse. Give me your money, and we can try to live out with ya for another couple months. Grin next to my axe.

Dr. █████: And… Don't you need money to eat?

SCP-972-2: You know what yeah, do I ever get enough money to buy groceries around here?

Dr. █████?

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