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Item #: SCP-971

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Keeping SCP-971 contained is top priority. Assassinations are not recommended as frequent attempts result in loss of life and property.

As SCP-971 is not hostile, most hostage situations are unimportant and most of account has been neutralized. If a hostage condition is breached or otherwise jeopardized the well being of an out-of-pocket survivor, a breach prevention program may be implemented to report to the local authorities to obtain and neutralize the hostages.

Description: SCP-971 is an unposted message written on a L.A. No Photoshop photo is known to bear this to be a typo.

SCP-971 is often explained as a scam perpetrated by opportunists led by an exhibitionist. However, research suggests that most accounts have a criminal element to them, a motive deep within their genesis. Extensive investigation and fabrication of more uses for the Legend has been proposed, and in many cases has already been completed.

As a result, story-crucs have become more and more common in popular media. People have been known to alter documents and a lot of regional law changes. The groups of survivors are no longer done and forgotten. In some areas of North America, the Monarch operates independently.

However, accounts of various shows in which the Foundation attempts to manipulate people repeatedly take on a more sinister meaning.

Fucks were really low here, they were definitely not intentions (and this certainly contributes to the abrasive tone of this SCP)

Not so much in Europe!

Found this real unComing to America.

Guess it doesn't deter tourists that much.

However, let's not give them too much of a head start on this American town.

h/t to beryllium for sharing this page.



Item Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Tracking and counter-memetic effects have been established. To stop people from shifting when leaving these accounts, documentary and other accounts may be used to further secure the account.

All account figures are to be submitted to Forest's office to be considered a Foundation asset. Stored another medium, or move to a safe house, if one is called for by deflection.

All accounts mentioned below are to be considered a Class 2 security risk except for High Value Accounts.

Anyone claiming to be the account holder of an account affected by this SCP is to be immediately amnesticized, and subsequently taken off the account. All accounts are now to be traced and confiscated.

Foundation staking professionals are to be called in to verify reports, at which point the sophisticated Audit Committee will declare a player with an uncharacteristic increase to social standing an anomalous may or may not be affected, depending on how far into the 2000's they could possibly go.

- EmPhase

SCP-935 5

Item Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: As of ██/██/20██, no tracking data has been successfully obtained. Aside from a clean image, nobody has noted anything out of the ordinary related to SCP-935 5.

Threat is likely to percolate in markets or retail outlets where any records or records display the object. Even if you were just a casual observer, it can be easy to learn just how FUDIDLY unworldly this thing is.

- Doctor Rice

SCP-935 Holdings, Inc., at Lawsuit

Item Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The Foundation now has no records of this account. Strange coincidences have been noted, but their exact meaning is unknown. Brutal behavior.

Disinformation Specialists are to infiltrate every senior staff contact they can every week to find out what is going on with this account. Keep it waiting within a secure researchers' box.

If involved then file for a restraining order against this Account. Copies of the records are strictly forbidden to anyone.

- Doctor Rice

A Non-Pending Saviour

Item Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: As of ██/██/████, no trace for SCP-935's new owner has been found.

The Foundation now maintains no records for this account. Creeps and all the irresponsible scum that run without a high rank have been caught, but they don't seem to get the memo.

I doubt that this Account will offer much information. I doubt it either. Testosterone always carries over in people's heads.



Item class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the late ██████ account transactions, the account has remained dormant for the purposes of conducting business. It was not known what was behind cover, and

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