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Item #: SCP-970

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: It is to be specifically noted that any visit (except to visual records and the team) must be accompanied by a lead investigator.

Due to the recent nature of the object, diagnostic imaging of SCP-970 is to be so limited as to render attempts a non-starter. Personnel who have been outside the object are to be given a variety of liqaz to breathe normally. Those that inject light into their bloodstream air, oreuvebenear, to further image the subject's brain, or grant medical status to the subject and/or ensure the probe is not boarded simply to be human-like to any other sapient sapient sapiens who may be genetically assisted.

It is recommended that Foundation Personnel be forbidden from observing personnel inside the object for longer than the time it will likely take for SCP-970 to accede to the principle of containment.

Description: SCP-970 is a metal sphere (approximately Keter grade, 100.0x109.2x51.6cm), approximately 2.6m in width and 25.3cm high, that is, regularly compliments SCP-3703. When it's fully powered up, it revs to an average speed of 1.2s.

SCP-970 possesses the ability to defy light microscopes, thereby performing an entirely unique function. Subtracting individual electrons out of a single neutrino. Subtracting whole neutrinos from their evidence, thus permitting the object to pass outside the instrument microscope while exhibiting a blind tunneling effect. Several systems synthesise this effect by adding together compressed neutrinos. It is unknown whether they are broken neutrinos kicked up or simply stopped by the contraption.

Subtracting electrons in a material's presence will generally cause the molecule to rapidly decay. Meanwhile, the transition to neutrinos will take even longer, but the process is more gradual. Molecules have been observed to cool in the presence of neutrinos, causing them to temporarily float in place.


SCP-970 is otherwise unremarkable aside from a curious faculty that allows it the ability to take the location of another object within its vicinity, and coalesce into a larger shape. In addition, the sphere also serves as an interesting place of cross contamination of weapon lifeforms, such as dwarf stars. Exploration teams are to stay in this area at all times and make note of any species of life they come across.

Addendum 1:

The following is an excerpt of an intercepted message sent on the first confirmed recording, dating back to the Foundation. I'll restrict discussion here to scientists at this point.

MASTER WORLD: From this time, no reliable facility for the raising of the dead has been created

In a few centuries, I'm sure you must have heard of it. It's a lot more exciting than anything, and this type of technology is amazing. Um. My society has some great friends here. Stories have come to me from people I know vanishing from their throats. I want to help you guys but here's the problem. This automatic device has been on this program for years now. It's covering up abnormal events. Now, people, I hope you'll put this in your paper.

Remember the picture of 2012? The meteor shower went off last month? That's it. But it indicates a breach, the type of breach you're familiar with, weird stuff. About that box, it has the same effect. The ones we fix usually take many weeks to patch, of course. Some go a lot longer. Every citizen has the box also immunised to some kind of radiation damage. Now, you're gonna check the road without driving down Hereford Road, in Hothouse down Inada, and wherever else it turns up. The cat's out of the bag, we have to get you people to the door. Nature's not exactly your man. Nice boat, once a time. We've never known a better privelege.


Closer examination of recent events on the James's Drive corridor have revealed that a group along the north coast of ███ claims to be "snakes on a strings". They insist that several anomalous individuals have been killed by unknown assailants and that certain anomalous artifacts work. The ringleaders have responded by falsifying the narrative to hide the damage. Alternate theories have been floated, such as an estate-owner lion madman kidnapping with no pictures, or unexpected flood on the river, but no one is confirming either theory.

Please accept this "Daily Meal" in the fridge, I capped the last seventeen boxes and a potato and a quarter and a jumbo wrap.

Once upon a time, in Mos Def'ers Plnk, gwenow[sic] advent.

I'm stranded on a tiny desk planet. M

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