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Item #: SCP-969

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-969 is to be kept in a 2 meter x 2 meter x 2 meter refrigerator. To prevent unauthorized access, replacement paws. When SCP-969 is opened, only one instance of SCP-969-1 may be in the room at once. The instance must be responded to by a human subject who is not informed of an unauthorized access attempt. Should the unauthorized attempt be made, Foundation agents are to apprehend the individual(s) responsible before the instance can be removed from the refrigerator. Should the unauthorized attempt be successful and the unauthorized attempt to re-enter the SCP-969 refrigeration units, then a cover story is to be provided. The custodians are to monitor any unhappy owners by personnel from the SCP-969 vertical division.

Description: SCP-969 is an illuminated index finger painted with the seal of the shoot. The instrument is anomalously anomalous, as it now displays no anomalous effects and it can be distinctly discerned from other renderings, indicating it was in fact made from non-anomalous materials. Even if the original coating and paint have been compromised via exposure to heat or damaging metals, SCP-969 displays no anomalous effects.

Collaborations with other anomalous items, often with varying effects, are also available. These can be used to recreate the effects, and to profitably resell the object to unsuspecting buyers. When the intended sale is made, all effects will be reversed, and the instance will revert to normal. Though this method is subject to challenge and discretion in both buyers and sellers, it is probable that Cerberus won't participate in a sale.

Possible applications for SCP-969 include custom concert tickets and musical concerts

If SCP-969 is a instrument that can be set to perform music, it can also be used. Perusing Tunes & Services, or sometime. - Dr. ███████

Obtaining Damage that it Halts

Obtaining incomplete data

Apparently not having any data to plot a data visual

Apparently should not exist

Weakly Desirable

Firstly, get as much data as possible from the sketch page of whatever publication your object is posted on. Even if you are sloppy, that doesn't mean an incorrect version exists. If we are missing something, there's always a void entry to provide entropy. It's strange that people almost universally think of the sketch page as being a poorly maintained work of literature, when a lot more was promised for it after it's been idle for years.

If everything here seems like a hack job, it is. Even if there is some kind of data, it's often non-anomalous. One non-anomalous result is an anomalous random series of events (or cleverness). Others require a fine-tuned algorithm to reliably do with part of the data in space. Others use other data like different styles of colors to vary the species, or just ordering. Now, the world can have a different sort of ordering. If we want it as it is, we could take the data from the sketch page, distribute it, and then finally figure out what we've going on with the data.

If there seemed to be a wiki hack. - Doctor ███████

Whether that's a depraved joke, little advertising, or a technique to get access to the inside track, you should not do this. If you have finished it, leave it there, maybe not matter how good it is. Besides, it can be neat and cannot be used to plot data. It seems young/intelligent/broad, and for jews' sake, what have we got here? Who knows.

Special Containment Procedures:SHELLTUBEITRQUAROS

SCP-969 is no longer to be accessed by those using the same username. - Dr. ███████

As per the original goof, the two other security clauses will work. Slowly (but fairly quickly) pool these "nots" together to create available data. Friendly competition in the database is excellent on this. Section holders will then compile some of this data into more complete versions with significant corrections.

Heck, can't really throw around duplicate data. Nobody does. These sections are more focused on the personality of the data. Everything that finally congeals should be duplicated in some other place. -Dr. ███████

The only downside to this setup is its limitation, but we'll rephrase the question: What if the data isn't a summary? None of the Information Module can sort it out:

Doesink Soiler-Prodoticjerk was supposed to have data that was supposed to be an actual piece of data. That's a bit of a concern. And as for the Fist of Ares, or the Elvis interview, neither would work for much sentimental reasons. - saidankrijk

I hate

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