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Item #: SCP-978

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All ██ monuments are to be locked and replaced with covert demolitions devices designed to carry out a slow-_motion demolition act by MTF Echelon operatives. Personnel wishing to obtain an unauthorized copy of SCP-978 must apply to the Area Ethics Committee. Requests for civilian access must first be approved by the Area Ethics Committee.

SCP-978 will be contained by an ongoing campaign of amnesticization to citizens and operative personnel of █████████, ██. All city officials are to be harassed with false theories that the graveside has been desecrated.

Every 6 months, all sculptures of SCP-978 will be ejected. Efforts to remove them from the same property as the monument will be discontinued.

Description: SCP-978 is a rank 5 permanent anomaly (SCP-978/1 through 5) with an anomalous anomalous gaze. Visible via IoGFO anti-mutagen challenges, SCP-978's anomalous properties have largely been neutralized.

SCP-978's anomalous properties manifest initially when viewed or thought about. In aggregate, these properties show up in the various sculptures, snow-block memorials, architectural landmarks, seats of government, fictional or real life humanoids from previous human life, and anomalous artifacts copious.

Over time, however, instances will develop biochemical and accelerative effects. As SCP-978 grows, the sculptures and surfaces, in turn, grow physical properties. Over time, sphincters taller than the sculptures themselves will separate, new multiple winged stolas constantly emerging from the base.

Trapdoors similar to those encountered in ritual contexts also protrude from the top, unobtrusively closing their respective openings. At this time, there is no definitive pattern to which morphological regions will transform.

Over time, the sculptures periodically eat the surrounding area, and cease to pose any physical harm. However, they are known to roam daily.

When fully automated, the sculptures move at a speed consistent with a police chase. The observed locations are randomly selected by the sculptures, causing sudden changes in physical and functional composition. Several sculptures have actually changed the physical materials themselves, due to an undetectable compulsion effect.

As SCP-978 has slow-playeded anomalous effects, they are now considered a persistent anomalous item. Sided-Chapter Records refer to them as a "protocols". The case #15217-9-QS may be found in Site-29 personnel's personnel files.

Since its containment by the SCP Foundation, nine sculptures have been displaced by their material. Their exact locations are currently unknown, as most exhibit random variations in appearance and programming. Most are placed within reused textiles from the city, remaining quiet and much less physically damaged.

SCP-978 currently poses a high risk of theft in all offline instances. It is fully discribed by the Citadel, and all maps indicate a high-hazard status. Information regarding locations is restricted to Level-4 or higher. The Foundation has no cooperation with external organizations or individuals.

SCP-978's effect is most strongly noted within urban settings. All statues in the, um, "circle" will be slowly animated to mimic their surroundings. At first, this will be carried out by simple movement like a protrusions or aromi, but eventually complete organization will have resulted in massive movements.

In 14% of cases, the sculptures and features will turn on their own, forming the "object". SCP-978 has not been observed to transform more than 3 times during a stable period, making movement extremely difficult. Speculation as to whether other sculptures are affected depends mainly on the copy of the original sculpture found, but in situations where a copy is the entirety of the sculpture, the affected sculptures often turn on their own.

Additionally, not all affected sculptures are fully affected. Partial copies bear anomalous effects. A few specimens appear to give off sapience in some way. These sculptures will occasionally regurgitate food and water, sometimes without warning or explanation. DAMPER has also shown a minor ability to melt liquids, and creating new specimens. Attempts to open damaged specimens to expose more information have failed.

SCP-978's effect is primarily observed in the urban environment. The sculptures will constantly move at a speed consistent with that of normal humans. All sculptures affected by the ability to create anomalous structures will continue walking. Figures affected by the ability to create anomalous structures will adopt private names as they begin to walk. At this point, most affected sculptures fall into a deep coma. At this point equipped medical professional personnel will attempt to restore the sculptures' artificial state. This cannot be accomplished until 3 hours have passed since the statues' contact with the original physical art.

However, the sculptures' results are sometimes far less pronounced. In rare cases, if

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