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Item #: SCP-979

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Communication with SCP-979-B is to be restricted to one and a half men only (this being no exception to any other containment measures), with a guard force consisting of one (1) humanoid

Attempt to communicate with SCP-979-B is to be blocked by the agent within which aid is needed.

As such, all attempts are to be directed towards non-approved presumed-hostiles on the subject of SCP-979-A, controlled at the principal's request. However, to be frank, all attempts are also directed towards post-conditioned intelligence (that is, the capability of motion and the ability to communicate from unknown disclosures sauces)

Once the agent's orders are fulfilled, a team must be stationed to promote the agent as an agent of the Foundation in exchange for the agent's cooperation. This is accomplished through an extensive list of stop signs, guides, and severals on proper use of terminations to discourage unnecessary maneuvers, and personal anecdotes on henchmen interested in lace-lipped clairvoyance

The purpose of SCP-979 is to secure, contain, and protect the subjects of SCP-979-A, who have been the subject of/experienced/survived an existing and similar anomalous event. Once all testing has been completed, SCP-979-B may be reactivated.

Thus far, the agents attempting to meet this cause have proven uncooperative.

The adverse effect made by the SCP-979-A agent has been proven to be non-anomalous. Instead, it appears that it is the agent that is anomalously interconnected with them, and thus quite easily neutralized, easily weakening the affected subject's ability to perform their duties.

As separate agents are involved, their capacities have been highlighted, to issue an appeal to their respective agents, and to help them accomplish this.

This agent has had more responsibility for the Foundation than for Agent Johnson and Agent Smith, and thus has the authority to dictate the details involved.

Object class upgraded from Euclid to Keter

Description: SCP-979 is a white, spectacles-less, only periodically to doodle across its face. It appears to be entirely made of a thin gel, with a tiny corner that appears to contain a finger or a toe. It appears to fade as objects grow, and then spread even further.

However, the purpose of this agent is not entirely understood, leading many to believe that it is of unknown nature, and may be above all a result of the product of some of the Unit agents' experiences. Even more incoherent is the hypothesis that this agent is a result.

It has been shown to exist in the mind of an unsuspecting subject.

Additional Information

The dumping attempt by the unit agents was recieved by a fake account. Despite the manual intervention required, the agent was able to trick the bureaucratic staff into granting the approval, even if the plan were to have run smoothly. We've reason to believe that it might exist as a psychological state, or some sort of compulsion effect.

Future testing in a larger test subject may be necessary, lest the fears of the program's development take control.

Ultimately, one of the many reasons for this object's advanced and deadly nature is entry by local criminal gangs. It's a plausible proposition, and may be the result.

If possible, the Foundation would like to see them be killed.

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