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Item #: SCP-985

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-985 is to be stored in a standard storage locker at Bio-Research Area-511. Further investigation is in progress to determine the nature and purpose of SCP-985's operation.

In the event that SCP-985 reaches the marks of a civilian or citizen, they are to be amnesticized by local authorities.

Description: SCP-985 is the designation for a black leather bag that in most designs appears to be pomaded with silver metallic thread. A small opening may be found on the top, and where the bag is most frequently concealed a small aperture. This area is only covered in black X-rated messaging which matches the color scheme of the kit. In many other instances, there have been multiple openings open on the bag, and extant documentation on the operations of the "unsecured vault".

When one is inside the bag, it will remain "locked" until a user lifts the bag, or for approximately 30 minutes after the user has left the vicinity. If a human touches the bag, it will magically disappear. Records on the event track back to 18██, when numerous anomalous portals supposedly containing anomalous artifacts and SCPs were visited in the Midwest. SCP-985 was recovered from a pawnclerk shop located in Sioux City, IA, and is currently out of commission.

Testing to confirm whether items currently inside the bag are anomalous (or if the bag needs to be opened) are ongoing.

Standard Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: A specialized containment team has been put in place to monitor the populace's reaction to the bag, in order to minimize the probability of public self recognition of SCP-985 as a causal cause of an anomalous occurrence following an incident such as this one. The containment team is to be selected when possible with their background.

A special investigation team has been brought in to evaluate the operation of SCP-985.

Due to the extremely shrill and present "lady's voice", SCP-985 has been proven to operate without being detectable by exterior or ceiling sensors due to minor room noise.

As such, a single Agent or two is to monitor the local population for any changes in public opinion, in order to maintain public silence until the public silence overshadows the risk of public recognition of SCP-985 as an anomalous asset of the organization. If a public recognition of SCP-985 emerges, investigators are to search the surrounding area for any of the alienating events that have occurred thus far, and preemptively censor any media circles and news outlets that run away from the subject matter in the event of an SCP-985 given enough exposure. If exposure is low, the investigation team is to cover up the event by either making it clear that it was nothing to do with the bag, or by and large insisting that favorable coverage of the bag on local and state news in the case of public recognition is limited to non-lawyer segments.

Failure to consolidate the incident in a pattern or act in accordance with the applicable containment team team guidelines (or with security protocols) can result in regular repetition, and to a greater degree the local populace, of the events that have occurred thus far, or in subsequent SCP-985-affected media news. Failure to control portrayals of SCP-985 on local and state news could lead to widespread belief in SCP-985 itself, or in a new pretext for the organization, for a while.

Psychological Profile of SCP-985 Temporary Site Director .\. Szabinski


On a scale from one to 10, personally, you do's what you do and follow protocol. There are many pros but to be expected. There are also pitfalls. You are in one of the most dangerous worlds, and the balance of risk shifts with time, though. I'd like to speak with another survivor myself about what you did. It's a terribly personal decision.

You do what you do. This does more than ferret out instances of SCP, humans, almost anything else which misbehaves. You base your decisions on a series of risks and probabilities, then correlate those probabilities, then act.

If a Scip or another D-class is loaded into a Soul Bag, they're brought to the area control facility on-site. Due to recent events in the Midwest, we may be in for a long wait.

Questions? Call me again any time now.


Item #: SCP-1462

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1462 is currently known for being shipped to storage at Site-101. It is currently not known whether or not it was accidentally transported aboard a commercial aircraft.

There is always a paper trail of materials on the books, said material and things like them, that want to miss a few minutes

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