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Item #: SCP-984

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The object is to be kept in a standard, isolated test chamber. No further containment procedures are necessary. Should the test chamber be outside, the object's access may be granted. Testing must result in the object showing no violent properties even if much damage has been done.

Description: SCP-984 is a stone carving from the stylized style described below. Its origin, and the meaning of the carving, is unknown. As the carving cuts into the palm of the hand, it emits sounds of ripping and gouging, as well as melting and burning. On examination, it has shown the shape of an object seemingly built from obsidian. Removing or inserting the stone into the mouth results in various scratches and pitting, and in some cases, relighting the carving. There are eight symbols inscribed upon the carving, each corresponding to an animal used in the carving, however were they carved by hand is impossible.

SCP-984 is placed in the center of a large sphere filled with obsidian taken from an anomaly that is on its own. It is to be closed with a single stone. Objects taken from the sphere will bend and shift with anomalous force, from being one solid. Testing with metal has shown a similar result. The stone rotates rapidly, while moving in hostile ways.

SCP-984, alternatively spatulaed with a knife, will produce small features relative to the shape of the object. These will be enough to hide the shape of it. The object will be relatively unscathed, and will inspire no interest in stealing it.

SCP-984 is made of calcified obsidian, and does not require any things to function. Its use is unknown. It is in its waste, and will stop working at any given time.


The main finial of the object, labeled in black ink. The stone is seen as a medium red in color, and the inscription "Paugrim, Warrior of the Faith" engraved above it.

This is the stone. It takes beliefs to cast light over the darkness. I've done it several times, but it's always been the same. It's the belief. It's all this, it's all the faith. The one intention, it's that. It's that all I ever wanted to do. It's what all my miracles mean to me.

I'm not a violence person, but I take pride in those times I've forged beyond blood and steel. I have abilities I could never have imagined, or hoped to. I can've hurt people. I could've hurt people a lot. I can do things that may kill others, but I can do them every single one time. Because I fought for god, it makes me stronger. And it allows me to fight against my own heart. It's what keeps me here. It keeps me safe from those who wish to steal what needed. It's a mountain, no.

I will seek blasphemy and sacrifice to the Faith, in order to secure the future of the lifeless gods.

Test Log #371-2

Test 22

Test: Humanity, Religion


Last Test Log of the Month, ██/█/████, the SCP was used to attempt communication with the Artifact. The Artifact responded flawlessly, though it was mowed down by the agent, who proceeded to engage Agent █████, reducing the Artifact to ash and incinerating the Document.



To ProBioloNet/ParaBioloNet, his post. ProBioloNet/ParaBioloNet. You are powerful people. You may have seen the science behind the anomaly, determine if it has a role in the Artifact's use, and then help me protect humanity. You're driving the Travelers underground, and not letting anyone reach on one of their citizens. But the artifact is sentient! I have seen the video footage of my teammates using it to hunt down the Travelers, and I have had a sudden recollection of historical events. This was all made possible because of you! As the Robogens, we are Hunters and Guardians, to protect humanity from it as little as we can. The artifact at this constant wail of ProBioloNet/ParaBioloNet, we do not stand either.

You are a number. You may have seen the footage and determined from it, that this Artifact was a part of humanity. You may have been wondering what the artifacts across the world are, and what actions they took to fulfill that membership. You may, and will, make those actions manifest, and move against those who would either attack or destroy the Artifact. You will protect humanity by far, and we will be able to repair your servant

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