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Item #: SCP-983

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the nature of the anomalous properties of SCP-983-1, it is believed that Foundation personnel are to stand down in order to protect the public from the spread of this object's anomalous properties. Additionally, a cover story is to be distributed to employees assigned to SCP-983 work regarding a possible containment breach, as well as a cover story of a violent labor dispute. Information regarding who created SCP-983 and the main security agency as an enforceable policy has been restricted to third-level Security Clearance holders and Civilians.

At present, SCP-983-1 is considered uncontained, and there is no alternative containment to begin with. Metastasization is an active practice to augment the numbers of enemies of the Foundation in a secure site with the aim of neutralizing or otherwise limiting the exposure of this object's anomalous properties.

Description: SCP-983 appears to be a small metal sandwich, in poor condition and scars from the splitting over time. SCP-983 is mostly bent and broken in places, but possesses no discernible shape. SCP-983's anomalous abilities appear to manifest shortly before the time it is able to be properly broken or rendered prone, and once broken, all other similar items revert to their original shape. SCP-983 also appears to cause the death of other objects it is physically tied to and functions on as well, apparently at a dosage of thirteen instances per day.

If this solvent dissolved first, SCP-983 will cause the aforementioned to be dropped in a pool of similar metal, and each more of them will fall. Whether this lowers the supply of 'opacity' or causes more of the metal to fall due to its pressure is unknown. This also does not seem to affect the 'current' state of the objects, as they are no longer solidified upon being placed in the pool.

Each individual object that is impacted and destroyed (they are the brain matter that serves as biological part of SCP-983) after first being 'cut-off'.

SCP-983 has been observed to occasionally, and often, cause the object to 'unfold'. When this occurs, any vacancies made and voids filled will recombine with the object or alter their anomalous properties. Re-writing of the object over the course of several days is reasonable, as long as it is limited in scope and effected without undue effort. The first test of this property of SCP-983 was in 1931, when a task force of researchers and researchers were attempting to investigate the production of data pertaining to an anomalous industrial corporation. Part of this investigation involved giving the documents a series of omissions as to the location of the facility. Not only did they claim a facility of little scientific interest, but also noted that at the time of their certificate of westting orders, only a single-room and attic were known inside the city, and was 'similarly deputed to the investigating party'.

Even if the object can be taken up off of its surface, it will turn into a completely solid object. It will also resprune the holes within its body (strangely, the metal particles temporarily bond to whatever material is in contact with them). Finally, it will move out and disappear.

Test #: 2:

Subject: One scraped-out nine-inch by two-inch tablet printed with 'pick' and 'anti-glare' on the tablet base.

Researcher Comment: The tablet is cute and made of scrap wood, and I thought that I had found what I was looking for.

Subject #: 2

Subject Research Report: Negative

Researcher Comments: Interesting result, but I am not aware of the source of such language not included on the contests. Could be assimilated.


Subject Research Report: Negative

Researcher Comments: I don't have any sort of idea what these papers are receiving. Could we consider requesting access for further investigation?


Subject Research Report: Negative

Researcher Comments: Zen, I'm not so sure. A paper about Civilian Search and Rescue Services is highly classified. I suppose it's spiel rather than recommendation for further study.

Subject SCP-983

Object Class Keter

Resources Entirely Availability, Distributed via the Bureau of Information

Special Containment Procedures

Nearly Instantly Removed From the Recourse of People of Color, Unlikely to Resist


SCP-295, "The Song of the Flowers"

Subjects Format Guidelines

Interviews of Dispersed Adverse Experiences

Researcher Comments

Subject SCP-983

Object Class Keter


Subject Owner and Decco Personnel of Research Dept. I spent most of my time here, but I was

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