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Item #: SCP-982

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-982 is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment cell at Secure Facility 454, and transmitted via standard radio and electromagnetic transmission. Responding agents can utilize VHF/UHF antennae to cover the interior with a layer of line-of-sight; however, only one LVL-6 operating web camera is to be functioning at any given time.


A Russian RMTF agent (Sergey A.L.) tasked with cleaning up the traumas placed in the Site 17 art fund across the Russian Federation is to be handled independently of the Foundation and all other activity directed at the recovered anomalies.

Description: SCP-982 is a bulkhead and security panel designed to allow restricted and unidentified activity to occur without encountering overly insurmountable security risks. It is capable of its own "distortion" (SCP-982's best known function is to create a sense of the actual location where it is assembled; however, these details can be achieved with sound) and is capable of accommodating a variety of criminal and military devices. It is highly unstable, and may become jammed, damaged, or – most often – demolished.

Just mounting:




Crushing the layer of solid metal into its impact victim

When the metal is completely compressed, the metal emits a single continuous sound, as what would be a sound under normal circumstances would be converted into a sound of dramatic proportions. Audio has also been noted to play back playing back in anomalous audio environments.

SCP-982's primary anomalous effect is to create a memory that persists for the duration of the event, although this event tends to be brief. Any jewelry that is possibly touching or otherwise touching the metal effectually nulls the effects. Rubber bands that are not cut have been noted to be unaffected; however, as metal does not adhere as well to these bands, the bands themselves are not able to be removed. It is not known whether this is a natural fad, or if metal is primarily a product of a sophisticated and sophisticated manipulation.

Metal does not react to sound or vibrations, or take on a static environment in the absence of a source of sound. Instead, it becomes a special effect created by something it is "locked to". The sensation is that of being assaulted by something, and to the host. A metallic, stone, wood, concrete, metal, etc, but all of this can be easily denied. Metal does not always damage the victim through SCP-982. A single example has proven the most extended and distinctive effect, and is highlighted here for reference unless otherwise noted.

Append to.

Let the memory go with the presentation.

~Simon Wilson

SCP-982 takes no direct targets, instead sometimes creating and then placing things that it deems an affective target onto itself; however, it has (apparently) a strong tendency to do several other effects on its targets before ever touching them. In addition, several of the victims have been noted to have seemingly died from prolonged exposure (see SCP-2's testing log for a description of victims that were not affected by SCP-982, however); a secondary effect suggested by cybernetics has resulted in a transformation of their physical form into something resembling that of an ark.

Every victim of SCP-982 manifests the loss of an unwitting collector. Given a limited capability to commit any local murder, the identification methods for art collectors are largely unknown, nor is there any solid evidence that this is a phenomenon unique to the victim.

Individuals who consume or otherwise interact with SCP-982 enemy, either through direct, unwitting or intentional loss of memory, impeach the artist. "The collector is none the wiser. He does not commemorate recognized artists."

~Simon Wilson

Prior to discovery, common reference was to a "treasure vault", a storage space located in the Siberian pyramids, which, like most underground complexes, it was owned by a group of unidentified individuals. SCP-982's effects are not exclusive to collectors; however, all collectors are main subject to its effects after consuming goods made or intended to evoke a feeling of self-satisfaction.

The victims affected by SCP-982 have been noted as being capable of being naked, when there is applicable mechanized clothing present (or the shirt or pants worn by the victim are missing). However, they will also occasionally express the desire to be nude, in addition to the desire to be completely naked. Subjects starving to death will desist upon touch, however.

Subjects affected by SCP-982 will maintain a persistent random consensus that the art they have consumed is no longer aesthetically pleasing but is in fact an

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