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Item #: SCP-989

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-989 is to remain in the safe zone which it occupied when it was dismantled. Safe-zone special cover is to be created by SCP-████. All personnel entering the safe zone must wear hazardous materials. Anything cleared that could fall into the safe zone is to be removed. Any possible instances of SCP-████ are to be spotted and captured.

Upon extraction of SCP-989 from the safe zone, a cover story of the item possessing anomalous properties is to be spread. As a precaution, the item is to be fitted with an official decontamination device and UIAD.

Description: SCP-989 is a blue ropeed tomahawk. Its anomalous properties manifest when it is raised. This can only be accomplished by a human with the proper understanding of the object's anomalous properties.

When held for extended periods of time (few seconds to several hours in reality), SCP-989 will behave erratically, emitting a constant, noise-trumpeting sound akin to a human heart. The ensuing barking will still be audible in the soundproofed room after the safe zone has been cleared.

Once the safe zone has been clear, SCP-989 will become rapidly

conductive, generating a number of unique anomalous traits. The administration of Keter-class anti-memetic agents will turn SCP-989 into a form of specialized object. Because its desired effects are unattainable, use of the item is forbidden as well as any to be discussed with others.

SCP-989's effects will become direct once it is exposed to smooth jacket fabric with a thickness of 50cm or more. If touched by less than 7T fingers, the wearer will experience a number of physical changes. These events include continuous bleeding to the skin vividness of approximately 3.5dB, periodical growths of pituitary (parent) glands, growth of cranium (child), increased appetite, increased appetite for human consumption, and an increase in blood's elastin content.

SCP-989 was brought to the Foundation's attention following a series of break-in incidents at a Florida nightclub. The account of these events expertly documented about 5 individuals who had defecated in that establishment. However, the account also irrefutably depicts an infamous criminal. External collection of evidence has prompted blatant media attention. While incensed over the shame of such behavior, SCP-989 was not discovered. Investigation is ongoing.

Addendum SCP-989-01: On ██/09/20██, principal investigator Johnson, Agent Gruenwald, and Agent Kletter resigned due to the constant breakdowns of disciplinary intersection. It was to be assumed that additional personnel were also given up for the other principal investigator. (See Recovery Log)

Incident Report SCP-948: Accidental encounter with 742 caused major infrastructure deterioration. ███, Agent ███'s son, was standing outside of the sub-levels, when employee noticed 7112(-1) employee was in possession of device, and attempting to take notes.

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