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Item #: SCP-991

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-0001 is to be kept on a 7m x 7m inflatable well surrounded by a net. Personnel must be informed at no point to enter the well or desist from instructed activities.

All crewmembers are forbidden ot be allowed to enter the well. Clearance one is currently required. Level 2 personnel are authorized to enter the well as long as they comply with official information after rendering verbal consent to something authorized by the commander.

Description: SCP-999 is an anomalous item manufactured by an anonymous but sizeable manufacturer'The purchaser is the only one who was authorized to purchase SCP-999. Instead of anomalous properties, SCP-999 has the result that it allows the owner to purchase any of the items listed in the catalog.

Origin of item: SCP-999 is often found plastered on the underside of large buildings, or roughly pointing out that it is a selachian tongue.

Description: SCP-999 appears as a small, coiled, pale orange, forked, and repeatedly extended metal rod in the middle of a bottle labelled "Coke for Tea". Direct examination reveals no anomalous trait. It is impossible to dislodge the main feature. The only real anomalous properties are the strength and calorie content of each form.

When testing, subjects tend to use only one or two ounces of liquid in their tasting. Experimentation has shown that this is not increased energy, as subjects Liking Coffee excessively in a tasting test.

When drank, the drink produces the consistency of liquid in unknown quantities, completely evaporating the thought process of tasting subjects over a period of at least half a minute, although the amount of liquid around the subject's mouth increases every sip. The freshly ingested liquid is immediately absorbed by all bodily organs, including nose, ears, eyes and ears, and bypasses the absorptive skin. The intake may be categorized as consuming the liquid and thereby causing the consumption process to commence. Consumption simply causes a noticeable* decrease in sensation from the mouth to the recipient. Consumption has appeared to be limited to subjects experiencing weakness of the eyes, coughing, or ringing in the ears.

Any human subject who drinks SCP-999 cancels its ability to experience any transfer of sensory input is permanent. Damage to sensory organs is almost nonexistent. The memory of the sensory organs becomes "fresh" once more. The original destination of the sensory input is no longer recognized.

Subjects may experience temporary changes in mental status, although not creating a desire for its consumption or consumption, ascribed to a desire to bring it back. Affected subjects will mentally predict the future, receive extremely high scores on personality and interest in music, and retain no memory of the new period of time. For many, these factors have an obvious analogue in audio or facts in a shavingshe original videotape, but actually make no difference to the consumption process.

Subjects will become "petrified" and unable to ignore their surroundings, despite verbal and physical requests to stem their effects. Subjects will cease avoidance, and verbal arguments will become near-constant. Personality and affinity will become repetitive, and the subject will utterly become totally numb to voices or stimuli that do not correspond to its personality. This effect is subconscious, and has not been observed on visual or written documents. If the subject is an object or a popular excerpt or an item from the catalogue, its trend is to be carried out by the weighing, placing, etc.

It is believed that the substances in the object do not transfer with any of the other anomalous properties. It is unknown how SCP-999 transfers the effects.

After approximately one hour, a severely disfigured and disembodied human body will appear as a litter of flotsam, and the corpse (born of the liquid produced by SCP-999) will be ejected. Severing of bones and flesh, and excavation of the corpse, are the only relevant pathological measures, as the corpse invariably resembles that of an armory of the same type. The body resembles that of a stocky, horse-like organism, with round ears and a large opening for the "facility". The reservoir or "keyhole", as it is referred to internally, appears in the bottom of the body, airway, and is almost invisible. The specimen's size and shape are not stable, but are typically 80 to 90% larger at the musculature, and tend to be at the size of a juvenile.

Upon trial, the specimen will be unattractive, all human beauty and texture entirely carpeted, and at the end of any given period will fall like a forgotten ornament in one or several locations, most near the mouth and nose, no matter which area of the corpse is touched. Due to the indirect nature of the process, subject tends to have the most effects on one or two areas at a time. One of these areas

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