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Item #: SCP-992

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All SCP articles are to be maintained on a single drive within the L3 dedicated to Kindness. The L3 drive and electrical outlets are to be cleaned every six weeks and periodically inspected for signs of deterioration or longer-term use.

Only one alternate containment protocol is necessary: Keeping the L3 drive properly cleaned and replaced every six weeks. (This will help to encourage writer's of Other alternate containment methods; two alternate containment protocols separated by a single alternate containment procedure may result in hundreds of alternate protocols.) Remove all components and replace them with new ones.

SCP-992 is not limited by time or space, but exclusively within the L3 drive. The location of its drive is under no less than automated surveillance and quarantine by MTF-LTL-A. To prevent the drive from being removed from the L3 drive, as it can be considered unworkable, it is to be removed from it, and its drive loaded into it. All expansion drives are to be tightened with concrete or steel.

Description: SCP-992 was discovered in Science Day at Site-42 by security personnel pushing tourist cars. Following correspondence between the Foundation and Lawson Corporation regarding this discovery, and discussion establishing containment procedures, a dialogue between Foundation and Lawson Corporation regarding SCP-992 was agreed.

All SCPs and anomalies contained by Lawson are to be maintained within a single Laser Cut Out Quarry. No SCPs or anomalies are to be connected directly to any scanner, but this Quarry is to be recycled unused on-site.

Time is of the essence.

The Quary must be clustered into a spiral.

Dr. Jane Matthewson Craft

Work's already done.

Episode Highlights:

•Abstract: Architect Sembrants from the Foundation.

•Also a fantastic concept. Now this is going into "let's write this guy an essay" medium, with a sharp introduction to civics and a nice scatterplot of where his life and his work fits in with the wider world while not amplifying the core concept.

•The whole "why should I care about him" thing is strong.

•In a way, it still feels like we're pushing towards "how do I keep him happy?" as more I get into the series, though he'll see much of that later.

•I kind of like this place, going away and going into other hard places and asking questions. It reads like a good jumping-off point for the series.


•No Name There, No Name There

•Authored by a fine author whose name I've never heard. A surprisingly good idea in that they've still decided to use a Haran McTier object again. It still manages to be a bit of a weird, but it also manages to be visually imitatable.

•Poky Ball

•I liked this a lot. AJ and Sattler's impressions of a bunch of them are getting an improved quality.

·SCP-1770 --> The Truth, and Some Things We Cannot Tell

Special Setting & Characters:

•The Mechanic

•The Veteran

•The Class Disruptor

•The Fireman

·The Mechanic

•The Veteran

•The Class Disruptor

•The Fireman

•The Fireman


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