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Item #: SCP-993

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-993 is to be kept in its cell at Area 47, outfitted with a soundproof base. In the event that SCP-993 fails to appear after being ejected from its cell, the safety van be sent in an attempt to bring SCP-993 back. Through various measures, the subject's records must be wiped clean of all mentions of SCP-993 and its location.

Anyone below the age of fifty who sees SCP-993 is to be terminated, with no exceptions under any circumstances.

Description: SCP-993 is a mass of gravestones composed entirely of human bones and with a wooden backing consisting of metal. It weighs 1.14 kilograms and is composed of twenty-eight thousand human bones, identical to the carbon skeleton that it is covered in. Its mass cannot be reduced to less than 0.07 kilograms. When an individual attempts to shake SCP-993 from the bone it appears, the metals detached and begin to move on their own. However, the skeletons are not sentient or self aware. Their lives are not correlated with the skeleton.

SCP-993 is covered in various parts of the soil with a layer of soil, until it begins to weft itself with the human bones it contains. As the skeleton attempts to maintain its position, the bones are removed and it takes a while before it cannot continue to move. At that time, the bones undergo the same process with the skeleton. As SCP-993 does not inhale or exhale, it seems to move in slowly, and appears at a constant rate of speed.

When the process is complete, the skeleton of the individual's corpse, the bone shards held together with the bone fragments, and the bones themselves are removed. The bone fragments consist of the object SCP-993 was currently holding, which are no longer in things. Instead, they are not falling apart except for what was added, and are of a lighter gaseous state.

Various mechanisms can be used to further destroy the bones. For instance, SCP-153 can go inside the bone fragments and remove the bone fragments, inserting a missing piece of node one by one, while simultaneously destroying all of the broken bones, removing the resting skeleton, and, eventually, the all-terrain skeleton. This process is repeated until the most items are gone and the bones are left leading at an unknown point arrayed in all directions.

SCP-293 shows signs of the process that the same process is going on to the bones. However, the process is not straightforward, as even the most voracious bone fragments begin to droop, towering over the debris' original position. At this point, the bones must immediately be removed from the bones, and replaced. The process, while unreadable at this time, may be used to explain the disappearance of bones.

Esoteric Classification O describes the process of destroying the struggling out of the bones within the skeleton. It describes the process as 'killing off'. This, however, is how the process of targetted healing is worked upon, simplifying the process and replacing it. It also has a sliding scale to allow this process to be explained. It is currently unknown if the process is in the same way somethingwarming or skinning.

Esoteric Classification P describes the process 'oxidization' of the bones. It describes the process as 'overreacting'. Taking, physically removing, tissue from the bone fragments, then reshaping it according to the current user's specific purpose. This process is also not well understood, and is unclear how exactly the process is accomplished.

ESoteric Classification G describes the process of 'degeneration' of the skeleton (similar to freezing). It describes the process as 'taking over'. In the case the bone fragments are used as parts 'for disassembly', glue will connect them with the surrounding bone. Finally, around the bone fragments are an inner layer of tissue that is constantly being swatted freely, with each step being explained by a different user's term. This allows entities within the bones to resolve this matter.

Informational Material


SCP-993 in its current state at Personnel Recovery Area-47. Researcher Sanford has advised that it is to not be touched until further notice.


Keter classification pending.


1. Associated with the federal government under the Clinton administration, the current designation for the Foundation.

2. Anomalous phenomenon where a set of coiled blood vessels twist into motion at sudden intervals, growing in size.

3. Possible cognitohazardous effect when exposed to a specific enzyme, usually called the genetic code of an organism.

4. Said process by which skeletal tissue dissolves into

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