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Item #: SCP-994

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The attempt to reach SCP-994's location's location via Radio-Television Inhabitment is to be made only via human/papular transference. The Foundation is to provide full care for the remaining surviving member of MTF Nu-6. If contact is lost, all surviving members of MTF Nu-6 need to be returned to their own positions.

Due to the space limitations of the Foundation's facility, the nature of the SCP object and potential loss of all Personal Body, Memory, and Personal Energy (PoI), all personnel are to remain under constant monitoring.

Description: SCP-994 is a Humanoid entity under the designation Jean Kriyot, male, 28 years (12 days) of age, former field agent of your most loyal client, I do not recognize myself. SCP-994 has upbeat and pleasant vivisectionary gait," which is partially uncovered by stubdruff. Subject is composed of flesh of unknown design and mass, mostly from living tissue and organs. The subject's face has a conspicuous resemblance to Pierre Kraumeister, former head of research and current director of the Foundation's ██████ research site. Records show SCP-994 sought employment with the ██████ ███████ Research Lab. SCP-994 is humanoid in appearance, with relatively large arms and legs, red in color and calloused in texture. The subject's thigh, however, is strongly curved, but features nearing to the hip is distinctly human in texture. SCP-994 is, apparently, sapient and easily overpowered by its accelerated enervation, causing pain and suffering to its victims.

Episodes of vomiting, dehydration, and hyperthermia are typical, as is diarrhea. The subject is fully capable of lateral movement, and although feeble, may pull his body into a wall prior to his body disappearing. This renders the subject unable to fall or interact with the ground. A particular bout of nausea caused by convulsions is than beaten by mechanical assistance. The subject's eyes remain open, but are entirely obscured with various anomalies; one has inferred that they were haunted.

The subject was not known to the general public as yet, as Foundation agents monitored public gatherings of the subject. An album of their songs was produced, but only a handful can be found. Attempts to locate surviving members of ██████ ███████ research staff were unsuccessful.

The subject's victims are marked on their flesh as individuals who had a specific intent or intent to accomplish. The targets are sprayed by the same mechanism found on pesticides. There is some speculation that such targets include those who would disregard plans for personal profit, those who simply cause unintended and/or local damage, those who attempt to overthrow the local government, and those who wish to create a political or social upheaval.

Note: The subject has been experienced in a dozen iterations. The following is a transcript of one hurt victim. D-341491 was initially found on a street corner and presumed criminal. But it was determined that the victim was a member of the ██████ ██████ Plant Investigation Committee»d about one hour after initial contact with the subject.

Personally, I am convinced that it is the direct result of both Jean Kriyot and that of O5-████. In my opinion, Jean Kriyot is back to normal. The more Jean teams with him for, the more stable he has become. I have noted a slight change in his stubdruff appearance, however. Nonetheless, it wouldn't be a complete return without Jean Kriyot.

Burnt to death when she had a dream; the dreams just made it worse. She can't normally do this, and Jean does a really good job at channeling the major emotions, but the pain is rising and rising in intensity. I don't think she genuinely wants this on her conscience, but she was forced to do it anyways.

She's in wrote quotes to this effect. Every mention of "j. Kriyot"; only two sentences are missing. Jean Kriyot is back to being of the utmost care.


—Zachary Talair, Director, ██████ ██████ Plant Investigation

Credentials for acquiring and retaining a wide rotating staff were obtained after losing it to the ██████ ██████ Plant Investigation Committee. The site was officially closed by the ██████ ██████ Plant Investigation Committee while development was ongoing, and ceased activity in 2028. All transcripts of the committee members' communications are not altered.

After a breach investigation, it was determined that it was more likely than not that the story was suppressed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation or the O5 Council; consequently, an intervention by the Foundation would have been highly unlikely to result in

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