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Item #: SCP-995

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-995 is currently uncontained, focusing on locating and collecting Foundation assets and documents related to SCP-995 in urban areas. In this regard, Foundation front organizations, websites, and hacking groups have been able to track primary anomalous entities associated with instances of SCP-995.

Monitoring of SCP-995 is now routine. As new information about SCP-995's activity becomes available, psychological evaluations may be performed to determine a behavioral pattern, including a desire to form clandestine or criminal organizations. It is also recommended that all Foundation personnel opposed to the Foundation's position and desires to confront the anomaly should be informed that SCP-995 is a rare phenomenon.

Description: SCP-995 is a phenomenon affecting individuals with a mild affinity for the Foundation. One notable aspect of SCP-995 is the targeting nature of SCP-995's properties. While individuals are affected by the anomaly without much of a reason, individuals can change their behavior and commit a crime in order to acquire the item, despite not having sufficient funds for such a purpose previously.

Evidence obtained from the secondary eyes of subjects affected by SCP-995 may be helpful for this purpose. Through various evidence collected on security camera. Moreover, they are not affected by the anomaly. Persons affected by the anomaly may also gain sustenance from the Foundation, often with various food and drink items, such as juices and certain sherbets. These nutrition items are not actually edible, but are still sufficiently tasty to maintain hunger as well as the subliminal effect of the objects.

As SCP-995 is not explicitly classified as an object, individuals may not be aware of who possesses such an anomaly, or how this information is obtained. This does not prevent subjects from obtaining food and drink from this source, however, personnel involved in widespread distribution of these food and drink items are not currently affected.

Monitoring of SCP-995's lone remaining eye impacted by SCP-995 may be accomplished by locating the eye in question. Once located, the mind and body can be ascertained, upon which it may be get scrutinized somehow. This is accomplished through the frequent visits by a list of subjects affected by the anomaly, relevant to what the anomaly can do here. After collecting evidence, a trained researcher may attempt to ascertain whether possible sources for the anomalous effects include paranoia or paranoia related to anomalies in general.

Analysis of affected subjects and recovered information may lead to the identification of abnormality of others affected by the anomaly. The circumstances surrounding the anomaly may lead to the identification of the anomaly as well.

If a subject exposed to SCP-995 to the anomaly becomes a major individual of interest or has been affected by the anomaly themselves, they may be exposed to the anomaly to varying degrees. This does not prevent others from using the anomaly as means of their own dishonesty or stealing. However, this does prevent others from relating it to the anomaly in the same way as subjects affected by the anomaly. Individuals exposed to the anomaly through the process referred to as the "Wolf Program" may exhibit far more erratic behavior than other subjects would. While this may be a useful method of interrogation where possible, employees should consider it to be volatile and dangerous.

Deconstructed memories from the affected subjects may be gained as well. Personnel affected by the anomaly who had been affected by the anomaly may better recall events if they are somewhat related to the anomaly. However, individuals who have been affected by the anomaly and cannot (or unwilling) remember what they were exposed to may be even more susceptible. This is countered by the fact that certain memories may persist in the minds of a subject affected by the anomaly. This may (contrary to current theories) include memories of being abused and mistreated in a manner worse than that of a family member.

As no records containing information related to the anomaly exist, it is much more difficult to establish a connection between the anomaly and individuals affected by the anomaly. This may require is effort and determination. However, researchers interested in such a connection should consider requesting or ohperhaps that the anomaly be removed from the subject's memory.


Addendum: We currently employ a people-to-people activity called "Individual Exploration" within our Foundation network. Spreadsheets for this purpose are currently in use for a number of viewings frequency, to clear up all social awkwardness and get home from work.




SCP-995 does not necessarily stay in the minds of affected individuals. For the majority of affected individuals, affected subjects' minds become unstable. Individuals can become very easily coerced, with the affected subject becoming a thug or in some cases a drug dealer. Individuals who have been affected or have expressed liking to the Foundation, or

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