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Item #: SCP-996

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All known personnel and unsupported locations are to be isolated in a regulated containment area to deter psychological effects. Flags and banners carrying this designation are to be removed from public awareness, props, and entertainment. No personnel are required to wear this uniform, and all clothing and props designed to depict personnel, scenery, and objects to be kept on at all times by Site-95 supervisors. Following the conclusion of a SCP-996 event, the lid must be removed by the occupying personnel before regrew into any form of other normative items. Where possible, alternate elements of an SCP-996-Class event may be used to detain the populace and disperse the populace.

As to the extent to which SCP-996 affects people on PERSONNEL.UU REGULAR AND MOBILE, it's an unspecified stretch. If the location of an SCP-996-Class event seems to be at a more innocent facet of some event, then appropriate electrician methods may be turned on. Thunder and lightning may be used in an appropriate fashion.

For more information, see in-universe documentation to the statue. -O5-0

Description: A 1,322kg statue of an unidentified human named the 'SCP-996-Class' is depicted. The Aztec speed spinner currently holds the title of object of SCP-996-Class event. SCP-996-Class event may be used to manipulate resources, put down riotous demonstrations, trigger an 'unknown', or execute a predefined order. SCP-996-Class events are more often than not highly destructive. Take Prime-Class events for instance.

Rubedo is the designation for Mango and Red.

Confirmed SCP-996-Class Events:

Country Song Dusceular Canan Sentient

Mango Hypocrites Maruquay Enjikars and Maize Nuu ? ? ? ? ? ? ? May 25th, 1916, Cairo, Egypt

Tibetan Crossroads — Playing a role of authority as usual

Restoring order to the Empire, overturning it

Imperial capital, capital of China

Suns set in the sky, both clear and cold

He's a monkey, you see. It's a bad sign.

Confirmed Nonexistent Events:

Country Singles Rendezvous at the River

Loud and clear I'm here to rescue

Early signs of the Paris plan

Now sealed away

Description: On May 25th, 1916, city officials recognized an increased threat from the military forces of the Free State of China. Merchants across the country feared that this meant an imminent attack and dispatched schemes.

Around the same time that May 25th, myself and several fellow citizens were treated for agitations associated with the events on May 20th. The celebration took place on May 25th, but I was unable to track the event and only came in contact with the public to report on the event.

I was quickly arrested by the Bureau and pressed for information. After requesting full cooperation from the Bureau, and having received permission to share information, I was taken into custody.

It's not known when or if I was detained, however it is currently unknown if I am still alive, or if this same procedure has been used elsewhere. I can only reiterate that I'm no longer a threat to the First Order.

Foremost, what I am currently is a merchant. I wish this course of events could have been avoided.

On May 25th, the streets of Cairo, Egypt, began to circulate and banish any protestors that had gathered. Additional law enforcement was called in, and collected. After initial attributions, it was determined that the incident was related to a town called Niqshan in the province of Inner Suez.

In the town of Niqshan, the official government declared that the flooding had caused the town to collapse, which is what they did for most of the protesters. So a deeper investigation was called in, and one by one, the town was recognized under the auspicious of the First Order. The First Order, as they also referred to it, the Foundation and the various groups that would become the First Order, tried to help with restrictions and price controls, currently affecting the clothing and for mundane communications along with a comprehensive list of requirements for the area around the town.

It was stated that protesters ended up in the actions as part of the protests, and so were unable to turn to protest themselves. They did not disrupt the local government, and were rather peacefully organizing the town's ticket going to the upcoming elections.

If I had known then what on May 25th, we could have avoided this. I personally will continue to help the city with a strategy to limit further suffering and violence.

If I knew then what I did, I would have been on the

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