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Item #: SCP-997

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Objects in SCP-997's physical form are to be kept behind cover for as long as possible, with a view to moving them later so that they can be moved for testing purposes. MTF Nu-5 ("Bureaucrats") members are to arrive at the location, talk to the individual in question, and verify that it is safe. A FerniRedirect/Mögeler Project Beta agent is to be available to report to command

Description: SCP-997 appears to be a wooden tablet, approximately 7.5cm in length. When swung over its shoulders, it emits a sound similar to that of an unreported earthquake. On occasion, it will be observed to smile or twirl in a rattling motion. Despite this, the magical properties remain. Teleporters which have reasons to be in this location 10km away from any fauna will be able to take advantage of this.

When a human comes into close proximity with an object of significant physical dimensions, it will act as a power source. This will persist indefinitely though the affected area will be extremely hot. Humans will express distress at how hot their bodies are and attempt to overcome the mental numbing effects of the hot flesh. The heat of the flesh will incinerate the subject after approximately 5 seconds. This effect will last from 3 to 7 days before the effects dissipate completely. Human test subjects have reported no abnormalities after over a period of 1-2 days. Testing will continue in order to learn exactly how hot and effective this remains.

The affected areas will display the same anomalous effects as within both the physical and spatial confines of the object. Some subjects will experience anomalous behavior and self-identification regardless of physical dimensions.

Individuals in proximity will be able to take notice of the effects of SCP-997, but the effects will be overwhelmingly temporary and their duration will only last for a week or two.

MFT Nu-5 members will attempt to direct the general populace against the ███████ brand. The majority of consumers will opt to purchase as many anomalously popular products as possible. By the time the target audience can be located, it will have already been purchased and most likely have no survivors.

Addendum: The physical location of the location was found striking when an office building in ████████████, ████, was condemned. The only person to witness the event was ███████ █████. Personnel from MTF Nu-5 arrived in time to rescue ███████. The general populace at the time claimed that some local workers had framed ███████ for stealing their money and successfully killed a police officer. Analysis of the video feed shows that few individuals were present. Those who did appear claimed to be witnesses to the event, as well as being the victim of an immediate psychological response.

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