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Item #: SCP-998

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: As SCP-998 is a member of an anomaly, there is an expectation that Foundation operatives will observe the questions posed by the anomaly. Any questions posed by SCP-998 are to be taken in a locked area for further study. Access to the area where questions are being asked should be limited only to approved individuals, as should access to the relevant area. The area should be monitored by remote observation who must be certified in its use as SCP-998 must be observed by remote observation at all times. Personnel in the area where questions are being asked/asked may be interviewed by an agent with level 3 clearances. How questions are being asked and how to spot information from questioners is under investigation.

MTF-π -------- Emerging Force

MTF-π is currently comprised of agents who did not previously have the Foundation's sustainability concerns. MTF-π is not in charge of managing Backdoor Cuckoo Land. Currently, agents are granted the authority to potentially trade SCP-999 to other Foundation members for purposes of ongoing containment. Should we need to remove an instance of SCP-999 from Hand and bring it back, so long as the questioners are to be non-anomalous, agents who have been approved by O5 Council will be informed of what must be done.

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