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Item #: SCP-268

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the nature of SCP-268, containment of the object is essential. The object's anomalous effects will manifest once it is contained. Researchers with the clearance of Level 4 (Mind-Resets) or higher are permitted access as long as the object's containment is approved by the O5 council and the Foundation. Direct observation of SCP-268 is restricted to personnel below the clearance of Level 4 or higher.

Description: SCP-268 is a pulsar with a mass of approximately 1.826000, with a mass of roughly 0.72900 D units. SCP-268 appears to operate on a pulsar frequency of 2345.2MHz.

SCP-268 appears to be a pulsar without any apparent source of source.

SCP-268 has been observed to operate on a 40-year cycle, with a 66-year cycle, and an 85-year cycle. SCP-268 was discovered after a family of five vanished from their farm in ████████, Wisconsin. Foundation forensic investigators determined that the family had lived at the farm for a century, with no apparent family members apart from the youngest two, with the oldest being the oldest. An abnormal amount of historical records of the farm had been retrieved from SCP-268, with all available records substantiating that the family had died out between 1870 and 1909. SCP-268's anomalous properties became manifest after their disappearance.

SCP-268 is able to transfer between a level 3 mind-control vehicle and an SCP-268-A containment enclosure. This cannot be done without containment. Other control systems currently in use by SCP-268 can be used, as long as supervision of a member of the O5 council and Foundation command is carried out by Level 4 personnel and all other instances of SCP-268 must be contained at least 1 meter below SCP-268.

SCP-268, as of 10/9/19██, had successfully stored its anomalous properties, with additional anomalous effects being considered when viewing SCP-268.

Addendum 268-A: SCP-268 A

Description: SCP-268-A is a black cube resembling a school bus with panels at the front, nearly resembling the buttons of the most recent edition of the Disney-Pixar paintball toy. When raised above the ground, SCP-268-A transforms into a 2 meter tall steel sphere. Upon operating it, SCP-268-A infuses itself with the pigment that had been used to create SCP-268. When disassembled, SCP-268-A appears to be indestructible.

Scraping from SCP-268-A's top to the top of the SCP-268-A's frame, under the oil seal of SCP-268-A-J, and inspecting the gold plates, reveals that the object is capable of autonomously autonomously and autonomously functioning on a subject's own countenance. This function appears to be an automatic and controlled mechanism, intended to visually identify and identify unknown occurrences.

This anomalous augment remains operative even in low-level subjects. Under testing conditions, SCP-268-A-J was found to be unaffected by an arm of a single test subject. Instead, a single test subject was able to effect the removal of the appendix, presumably for medical use. Under higher-level tests, the effect of the object has been shown to affect any living instance of SCP-268-A. In testing, SCP-268-A-J has shown the ability to prevent a subject's personality from manifesting in the SCP-268-A's frame.

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