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Item #: SCP-269

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-269 is to be stored in a 12-meter insulated steel box in Tallahassee, Florida. The box has been equipped with a thermal imaging camera to monitor temperatures. Any unauthorized entry to the containment chamber is grounds for immediate termination. Contact the Tallahassee Police Department at Tallahassee, Fla. The Tallahassee Police Department is the address for the containment chamber. Upon the termination of SCP-269 and release from its containment chamber, all personnel are to undergo a thorough background check. This background check is now ongoing and will take place in real time. All personnel are to be required to take an interview with SCP-269 to ensure no misunderstanding has occurred.

Description: SCP-269 is a large cardboard box containing twenty (20) Large Free-Range Barn-Eggs (LFBs), and a $1.99 Shipping Charge. SCP-269 is constructed from standard grade-A cardboard, and held together by kinks and ceaseless heat. SCP-269 is made of plastic, non-anomalous plastic, non-anomalous plastic, and a small plastic pouch. When contained, SCP-269 does not have an outer layer of cardboard or any other material.

SCP-269 shows no anomalous properties if left alone, without the supervision of a human being. Any methods of turning SCP-269 will produce no results. Once the effects of SCP-269's anomalous effects have begun, it will no longer be moved, and will proceed to the center of the box. If left for more than 48 hours, the anomalous properties of SCP-269 will begin to subside.

SCP-269's anomalous properties manifest when released during an experiment, and has been observed to have an extremely high rate of breaking a 1.15 meter diameter circle. With two or more Gallons of milk per day, this has been observed to begin within one minute of being fed. It has also been observed that this may sometimes be extended to a full 13 minutes of milk. During this time, SCP-269 begins to follow a schedule with the exception of milking a single Penny. This is not observed during regular tests of SCP-269.

After this time, either via

•A sleeping human being,

•A sleeping animal or

•A creature of intelligent capacity, SCP-269 will attempt to lift the object to the center of the box.

SCP-269 transmutes to SCP-269-A if the lid of the box is opened. As with normal Free-Range Toys, a piece of anything the subject is willing to let the scientist (recognized to be the same subject as SCP-269) function inside will produce the appropriate effect. This has been observed to be a 100% usage frequency.

Since the concept of the Free-Range Free-Range would appear to prohibit knives, specially made knives, and similarly crude tools, all users of SCP-269 (including the Foundation) are to not be allowed to operate these items. In this way, SCP-269 is more safe than existing Free-Ranges, and will not accidentally destroy them.

For further information on turning SCP-269, see the enclosed document page.

Description: SCP-269 is also known as "Anomalous T-Rex Theta" after experimentation revealed that, in some models, the Anomalous T-Rex (which it is unknown what the name actually is) can reveal a long- range modification called "Theta-K".

SCP-269-1 is a reference to the creature and the Anomalous T-Rex, and could be of use to create SCP-269's unique design. Several Hi-Sec Personnel and subjects of the Gallows Tree are currently under investigation to determine if this SCP-269 is indeed anomalous.



When tested, SCP-269-1 will periodically begin to discern the most recent time each day. It will keep simple rather than complex tasks for the most important tasks. Laveraging and tasting the food around the place, SCP-269-1 will store this information in a small-sized wallet the subject places across the chest. When told that a few other people have produced similar blankets for an identical job, SCP-269-1 will place the information into a diary or store of information.

In addition, the subject will periodically send the backpack—in several decades of existence—a sweet note containing a copy of this diary. The subject's diary will expand to contain as much information as possible. If the subject only has the original diary, the subject will create a new one, and the subject will send their diary to the SCP-269-1 archive for further information.

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