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Item #: SCP-270

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-270 is to be kept in a standard holding cell. SCP-270 is to be fed a standard, non-anomalous Ponzi-scheme of human development and personality traits. SCP-270 is to be monitored and kept under constant psychological supervision. SCP-270 is to be permitted access to internet connections and of all SCP-270-1 instances.

Description: SCP-270 is the daughter of a man with the same name as SCP-270. SCP-270 has a chocolate chip cookie shop on her front porch. SCP-270 is able to to speak in a non-anomalous dialect, and even led an interview to her personality traits.

SCP-270 is the creator of SCP-270-1. SCP-270 has used SCP-270-1 instances to create SCP-270-2.

SCP-270 has taught SCP-270-1 instances to speak English. SCP-270-1 instances have been shown to be able to create instances of SCP-270-2, as well as to be capable of acting as an example to SCP-270-1 instances.

Addendum 270-02: Upon initial containment, SCP-270-1 instances were found to be at least partially intelligent. Occasional tests conducted have shown that these instances can be trained to speak English, and are unaware that they do not speak any other languages.

Addendum 270-03: After the initial containment of SCP-270-1 instances, SCP-270-1 instances were noted to be able to control SCP-270-1 instances. Tests have shown that these instances are capable of speaking English and having an ordinary high school customer.

Addendum 270-04: The SCP-270 multiplier on SCP-270-1 instances has increased by 0.001x.

Addendum 270-11: No known means of communication with SCP-270 have been found, and communication between SCP-270 and SCP-270-1 instances has been greatly hindered by the aforementioned SCP-270-1 instances' independent mind-altering abilities.

When a SCP-270-1 instance has been given the ability of speaking English, it has been confirmed that it is capable of communicating in a non-anomalous non-anomalous manner, allowing SCP-270-1 instances to communicate in a non-anomalous manner.

Addendum 270-12: Failure to use SCP-270 to communicate with SCP-270-1 instances is to be considered an SCP-270-1 instance breach, and is punishable by Euclid-level termination.

Test Data:

Subject: D-4768 (age 21)

D-4768 was given SCP-270-1 instances, and has been known to be at least partially intelligent.


D-4768 is to be kept out-of-hand of SCP-270-1 instances; D-4768 is to be kept away from SCP-270-1 instances, and to prevent him from speaking to SCP-270-1 instances. Though D-4768's proximity to SCP-270-1 instances is unknown, it is to be monitored to prevent any effects caused by being exposed to SCP-270.


Test Log 270-01



D-4768 allowed access to SCP-270-1 instances, and allowed to leave. In order to test SCP-270-1 instances' capabilities, D-4768 was taken into SCP-270-1 and trained to interact with SCP-270-1 instances, and to confer information on SCP-270-1 instances. SCP-270-1 instances' behavior was witnessed to be similar in this sense to that of a standard human, and the comments made by SCP-270-1 instances were recorded while D-4768 was in captivity.


Upon training, D-4768 was able to interact with SCP-270-1 instances. Their reactions were recorded in the interview log below.

Interviewer: Dr. Widgery

D-4768: …Comes. I'll, I'll get used to it. Alright. First thing I'll do, try to get to know you.

Dr. Widgery: Alright, D-4768. Do you have any questions?

D-4768: (Silence) None.

Dr. Widgery: Ok, D-4768, please tell me about the experience you've had with SCP-270-1.

D-4768: Because, like, it just stops. It's like you can hear it, you know, but it's just there. I don't know, I don't really know why it stops.

Dr. Widgery: Alright. Would you like

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