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Item #: SCP-038

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-038 is to be contained in a Standard Storage Locker at Site-███. Personnel wishing to access SCP-038 are permitted to do so under the supervision of at least 2 Level 3 individuals with access to SCP-038's subject matter file.

SCP-038 is to be kept in a standard containment chamber and can not be moved. Residual tension in SCP-038's thorax may cause it to break containment.

SCP-038 may not be used to perform operations outside of Foundation testing.

Description: SCP-038 is a 20.7cm (tall) aftershock pistol defined in ancient Greek mythology as a tool used by the Prometheus' Warrior and a regular security weapon for the Greek god Odysseus. No other modern firearms are believed to possess any analogues of SCP-038's anomalous properties. The earliest known anomalous properties of SCP-038 have been traced back to the Roman Republic, where the legendary weapon was used as a sacred weapon to kill nullifying gods, often with a burning symbol carved in the appearance of Prometheus' daughter Homer.

Due to its rarity and short lifespan, SCP-038's anomalous properties are not known.

Additional Notes: This is a standard security tool, but there are several anomalous properties that will prove singularly useful during emergency situations. It is usually relevant in cases when the immediate mission of any Foundation staff is at stake, such as when responding to a containment breach. SCP-038 is not to be used in situations that are likely to result in a containment breach.

Addendum: Testing Log 38

Test #: 38/1

Test Procedure: SCP-038 is to be placed over top of SCP-038's base.

Description: After a brief discussion with the testing team, it is determined that SCP-038's anomalous properties will be present during testing only if SCP-038 is held over its base in a metal containment chamber. To achieve this, SCP-038 must be securely stored in a containment chamber with minimal disturbance, with an L-shaped wooden base and four metal walls.

Test Result: SCP-038 took multiple attempts to frequency crack its metal containment chamber, resulting in a sudden flare and sound of shattering glass. Testing continued without incident for 2 minutes and 40 seconds. SCP-038 resumed crackling sounds for an additional 2 minutes and 40 seconds, and continued to crack it. The sound generator consisting of SCP-038's triangular base and metal walls failed a further 1 minute and 25 seconds of continuous operation before causing the entire containment chamber to burst. This was caused by an excessive energy discharge, which caused the perimeter to become unbreakable.

Test Result: SCP-038 behaved similarly to a standard security tool, and was unaffected as long as, and even sometimes during, pressure and exposure proved to be a mere 1.5m/s. This chamber was then permanently inflexible by a 1.5m/s blast, resulting in a 5m/s increase of property damage. After this, SCP-038 exhibited no more anomalous properties, and was designated as standard safe.

Test Results: SCP-038 reappeared after approximately 3 minutes but remained still under the metal base. It fired twice a decade after it had entered containment, during a containment breach crisis, due to an unauthorized blast event resulting from a backup door used by staff. SCP-038's rapid reaction time allowed it to hack into the site's computer system, and access archived copies of current containment procedures.

Test Notes: Dr. Brenna Brenna, who is currently SCP-038's supervisor and lead researcher for SCP-038, gives permission to test SCP-038 in containment procedures. Dr. Brenna must receive strict approval for SCP-038's use on Foundation personnel.

Test Result: SCP-038 fired three 788PT, a 9.2pm produced heavy-duty incendiary bomb, which was embedded in SCP-038's containment chamber. SCP-038 was able to breach containment with no discernible damage.

Addendum: SCP-038 was capable of morphing into a 3m wide, cardboard box containing 3.5m diameter cardboard plates of Penny Presser. Both SCP-038's containment cell and containment chamber were strengthened with steel plates coated with "Tri-Edge" steel, and a self-repairing protective cover. The prototype was tested to ensure it never became lost or destroyed. SCP-038 was not visible in the room in which SCP-038 was tested and was not able to be seen in any other area within the containment cell.

Test Result: SCP-038 fired a 20kg PVC pipe bomb into containment cell, producing a loud explosion and brief writeup, all of which was inaudible in audio and video recording. SCP-038 continued to flicker ominously until it reached a stop,

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