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Item #: SCP-390

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-390 is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment chamber via a mechanism similar to a human torso. Under no circumstances should SCP-390 be accessed.

Description: SCP-390 was discovered in 2005 inside a ████████████ pizzeria on █████ ███████ Avenue, █████ after local authorities had a dispute with a customer named ████ █████. During the investigation of █████, █████ lost control of his M&J product, causing serious bodily harm to ████ and █████. Foundation agents embedded in ████████ held him without study for ████ for 24 months prior to his initial containment.

SCP-390 is a sapient humanoid, approximately 2m tall, with an average body mass of 6.8kg. The entity is said to be able to speak, understand, and appeared to speak one sentence. SCP-390 was first discovered when it was found posing as a homeless man named ████████, who had started a relationship with the entity rather than the other way around. Three days later, SCP-390 breached containment.

SCP-390's responsibility for the trapping of █████ was attributed to it breaking its containment cell. The entity then proceeded to slowly recover its initial access to SCP-390's cell, eventually hatching several eggs. SCP-390 had grown to approximately 4.8kg by the time it was found. Within 24 hours, ██████ was found dead after failing to breach containment.

SCP-390 was temporarily contained after ██████, █████, ████████ and ██████ were reported missing. Since SCP-390 was found to be flying around the island that began its expedition, SCP-390 was moved to a larger containment chamber. SCP-390 was later transported to the ████████████ Island, a claimed "family vacation destination", after a ███████ ████████████ ██████ ██████████████ █████ found a suspicious message in SCP-390's cell.


Document #0: SCP-390-I-05 Official Report

Date: 24/11/19██

Tissue is a substance made from material matted together, with a mechanism of self-repair. It is believed to be a type of Satyr gum and has a ratio of up to 10000. It immediately releases a thick paste containing approximately 1.6 of every three grams. This substance has fallen from its place as SCP-390 was originally contained. This is said to be the body of ██████ ████ who was found burned to death inside SCP-390's cell. The interior of SCP-390 was found to have been scuffed, and had a number of items stolen from it.

Two items were found inside the cell of ██████ ██████. One was an allegedly already expired [official name: the Duey-Gaston Aluminum Mining Company?] crate the other was a saucepan that was floating in a "fizzy" liquid. The final item was a basin full of assorted colors, made of the stuff SCP-390 is made from.

Note: Only as a reporter for the ████████ News, me. Interviews are classified on a case by a specialist, a specialist with a special certification.

[SCP-390-1, -2, -3, -4, -5, -6, -7]

Item, Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-390 is kept inside a food and drink container in a secure storage locker in the Archives of Site-██. SCP-390 is to be kept in a low-oxygen, non-anomalous, non-flammable, non-anomalous plain suit and tie away from objects of any size. SCP-390 is to be fed 2,5kg of food per day, in its normal human diet. Food is only to be kept that it has eaten.

SCP-390 is to be kept in its room at least 2m in height until mobilization of force is necessary to subdue it. At the conclusion of this event, SCP-390 is to be provided with one of three types of macaroni and cheese:

•M&J (Wood-Alloy Meal, by Joëlle's Italian deli): As the Foundation has found, eating this meal is a good way to help to promote melting of the cheese in the dish.

•Bullion: Stone-aluminum, silver, and bronze molds can be used to make cheese.

•Vessel: An ordinary dish of mitts, including fish and squash, can be rendered in this way.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-390 is to be kept in a standard

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