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Item #: SCP-391

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the explicit nature of SCP-391, full containment is impossible at this time.

Description: SCP-391 is a collection of stiletto panels contained within sorted chevrons of Unknown composition. The purpose of this collection is unknown, although the origins of the process of manifesting it remain unclear.

SCP-391 has one material component, a concentrated set of three 505 miniature stiletto buttons. When pressed, a beam of light is emitted from the top of the panel, seen below:

•A small man is seen to appear in the center of the mustachioed figure. Instances of SCP-391-A utilize this beam to "hear" the chatter of their fellow instances of SCP-391. The process of manifestation is described here:

The figure distorts, giving a total of 12 identical ciphers. Each time a new cipher is activated, the voice comes from the bottom of the mustachioed figure.

•The mustachioed figure begins singing. The sound unit is heard briefly, then ceases:

The chant continues to be heard, but only when the mustachioed figure shudders and sings:

No, it cannot be!

Does it always matter?

The voice of my voice is gone!

•The beam of light is fired into the eyes of an instance of SCP-391-A:

The beam of light disappears, the mustachioed figure now appears above the surface of the table, and begins to walk upwards before jumping out of view.

•The mustachioed figure proceeds to take out the speaker and turn it into a bag containing a cosmetic item. The bag, described in video logs as a 'combination of weird toys', can be taken out and it will disappear a few seconds later.

•SCP-391-A then squeezes a crowbar into the display case. A voice (with a production quality similar to that of the lines used in the song "Odama's Theme") is then heard, stating:

Arimargorh! The sun's still rising!

The celestial palace is still an adult!

•The mustachioed figure grabs the bag, causing it to fall open and reveal a button labeled "FREZE PICK". The button is pressed, and SCP-391-A returns to the center of the table.


The following is an audio log obtained from USM-2 personnel within SCP-391's containment area following Incident SCP-391-1. This video was recorded on video-sharing app ███ ████████ ████ ██████, ████, which was currently suspended due to ongoing litigation between ████████, ████████, and ███████ Intellectual Property Law. Due to the contentious nature of the case, only highly classified materials were published.


The following is a transcript of recording of an interview conducted between Agent ██████ ██████ and SCP-391-A:

This interview was conducted when Agent ██████ was apprehended and taken into Foundation custody. "I'll be telling you something we know: I don't approve of the Foundation interfering with my hobby, Gilbert, and get out of my room. I always desire to be free, but the only way to do that is to be in a room freed of them."


Agents attempting to re-trace Agent ██████'s movements reported that he had left a phone call on ███/██/2008. "Gilbert, I know I'm a little red flag when it comes to things like this, but what's up?"


Agent ██████ reported that he had developed feelings for Agent ██████ and had taken a break from obligation after one-year experiment to return to research. Meanwhile, Agent ██████ began recording notes on a laptop computer, in which he had conversations with SCP-391-A. Agents ██████, ████, and ███ were concerned that SCP-391-A was recording the conversations, and instructed to stay close to the group for investigation.


Agent ██████ recovered a phone call, on ██/██/2008, from SCP-391-A, on the phone at ██████ ████████ ██████. Agent ██████ had no recollection of the telephone call, as he had not yet

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