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Item #: SCP-401

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-401 is to be contained in standard humanoid containment cell at Site-55. The rest of SCP-401's charge is to be kept on a separate bed in a standard humanoid containment chamber at Site-55.

Interaction with SCP-401’s containment cell must be kept on *[REDACTED] basis. The person with access to SCP-401 must always be informed of the existence of SCP-401 and that it intends to contact SCP-401.

Description: SCP-401 is a humanoid entity standing 9.8m tall, with 2.8m arms. SCP-401 also has extremely long arms, toes, and digits. SCP-401 has a peculiar single feathery appendage with a feathery looped head, a skull of disproportionately large size, the neck of a colloretail design, and a tail that has the tail of a Hyperodianidae.

SCP-401 claims that it can not speak, though it is often rather cryptic. SCP-401 considers itself to be a part of the Serpent's Hand, a secret organization whose members are held in Foundation custody. SCP-401 does not believe it is owed any favors, instead claiming that it is a supporter of the Serpent's Hand and not a parasite.

SCP-401 claims that it has been freed by the Serpent's Hand and is fighting them. This statement is inconsistent with its identical statements made by Starbuck, the Dixie King of the Dingo, who was a servant of the Serpent's Hand. SCP-401 is also unable to attribute to himself a name to refer to itself.

Awards for Excellence in Containment:

•SCP-401-1 "Venison" Award

•SCP-401-2 "Yakushima" Award

•SCP-401-3 "Father of All Spiders" Award

•SCP-401-4 "Lifeboat" Award

•SCP-401-5 "Mimna Amur" Award

•SCP-401-6 "Mantra" Award

Addendum 401-B:

The following is an interview with SCP-401 after 2404-02. The interview was taken from the Human Observation Center of Site-55. Interview was conducted by Dr. F███████ and SCP-401 was kept in a manner identical to an item of furniture. Dr. F███████ asked SCP-401 the following in almost identical words, while SCP-401 began to explain to it this manner of talking, and then began to respond.

Dr. F███████: What do you see yourself?

SCP-401: I see a man with tentacles, and not a human man. I see a woman with a tail. I see a man with its hands like a beetle, and not a beetle. And I see a man with tentacles. So many tentacles. I see such a wide variety of things.

Dr. F███████: What is your species?

SCP-401: Uh, I think it's Myrmxiraxorax. Now, what is it?

Dr. F███████: Myrmxiraxorax?

SCP-401: Ah, yes, this is Myrmxiraxorax, the ultimate serpent, the simplest of the four great Argentine cats. And it's in the same print to me as the rest of the world. And it's not who I am. It's what it is.

Dr. F███████: You said that it is like a plant?

SCP-401: Of course, that would be like reading a book. It's put into a box.

Dr. F███████: SCP-401, we have some questions. When will you receive SCP-401’s release?

[SCP-401 laughs.]

Dr. F███████: I am going to explain you. You can use my interviews by writing it down.

SCP-401: Look, look, I'm being serious. It's a joke. I'm freakin' serious.

Dr. F███████: You mean like you told me, I can use your interviews?

SCP-401: Oh yes. And you just asking me what I see?

Dr. F███████: I do have some questions. What do you think you are?

SCP-401: Well, I think I'm just some fox. I think I can read.

Dr. F███████: That makes you the most likely person to break this interview.

SCP-401: Well, I mean, that’s curious… But… I think we can all agree that I'm the most likely person to break this interview.

Dr. F

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