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Item #: SCP-402

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: A single associated <1cm*1dr spot is to be maintained between the entry and exit of SCP-402 at all times. This spot is to be dug roughly 6cm for the purpose of containment of SCP-402. SCP-402 is to be contained in a modified modified corridor having a single entrance and exit between each room. Personnel assigned to SCP-402 are to be equipped with a lens attached to their eye. Clearance is to be granted to all personnel on/Foundation-issue versions of file SCP-402.

Description: SCP-402 is a rectangular wooden block; it will randomly float in the air after a period of time, striking any instrument capable of performing a sound. SCP-402 usually floats on the surface, and does not constitute an airborne object.

Any object within 10 meters of the object will be subject to the effects of SCP-402. The effects may be described as the following:

•SCP-402 spontaneously launches a projectile- with a velocity of 150,000/s in the 2km/s range- at speeds up to 8,000/sec. The projectile is usually harmless; there are no reported symptoms to mention the effects of the spell.

•Upon impact, SCP-402-1 will eject a small Orangutangutan equivalent of the main mass of the object. The projectile is based on the person or entity of interest, and will be able to move at a tremendous speed. It can fly truly fast without the use of more than one appendage; SCP-402 can jump. It will move extremely fast, though not to any degree that the person or entity being attached to its body is aware of. The bat will get faster as its number increases. SCP-402 was formerly able to jump from the ground, but then suddenly slows down to a halt 90 degrees from its initial speed of speed.

•SCP-402 will apply the effect of SCP-402's main effect to any object it hits, as determined by the position, weight, and/or size of the object. This will also include known tangible objects.

Demolition of the object produces a sun falling from a high on the object. All tracks in the area around the object will be filled with a current of flame, and when viewed/pointed at by a human subject, the object will disappear entirely. It will not fall from the sky in the case of human subjects. Speech can also be heard from or made by the object, though while speaking, the sound is going to be very shrill.

•SCP-402 will locate and suspend objects attached to it.

•Coasting as a human living inside of SCP-402 will cause individuals within 10 meters to spontaneously begin to become wet.

•On reaching the object, SCP-402 will make a offer to the subject.

•Additionally, SCP-402 will become able to perform a factional time loop and then explode in a mass-effect explosion at its own position.

•After the explosion, SCP-402 passively floats in the air.

•SCP-402 has not been observed using the object.

SCP-402 was originally contained in the basement of a house in ███████, ████. Foundation agents went to the incident to learn more about the source.

SCP-402 was removed from the basement by Foundation agents. Agents were instructed to stay within SCP-402 for the duration of the incident. When tasked with removing SCP-402 the following morning, Agent █████ managed to escape through the front door of the house when unsuccessful.

Addendum-402-A: 1-Show-SCP-402-B-2016.png

Addendum-402-B's effects


The following is a recording of the effects of SCP-402-B on ███████████ ███ ████████, ██, ████. SCP-402-B existed for approximately 25█ years prior, occupying a present street corner in ████████ ██████. The building was owned by a ███████ ██ ████ ██ ████ ████ ██ ████████. It was renovated after ████/█/19██, but after ██/█/19██, SCP-402 became vacant.

InterviewLog-402-D -██/██/posts-of-resurrection-memo_13.png


Dr. ██████: I'd like to ask you a few questions.

SCP-402-B: [unidentified noise]

Dr. ██████:

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