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Item #: SCP-564

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-564-2 are to be stored in the Site-108 storage storage room under Level 2 clearance or in Storage Room 4-A within the Site-108 wing.

Description: SCP-564 is a group of 17 objects of different design, including members of the Super Cicadas barvii, the Unknown and Undiscovered Bird and the Unidentified Butterfly.

SCP-564 is to be contained with several other objects of its design and composition, including a single piece of art, a single 3D printer, a single copy of SCP-7876.

In the event that a self-organizing organism is formed, SCP-564 can assemble apart from its other object-mates. This means that, in a 2-D photorealistic scene with a self-assembling SCP-564 organism, instances of SCP-564-2 will form as a group and will create a complex 3D model to create a common structure. The model material will differ from SCP-564-1 bodies, although it will always be solid, having an appearance similar to concrete. The process of creation of SCP-564-2 instances inanimate objects is not known.

SCP-564-1 instances created with SCP-564-2 will teleport to a 2D vision of the world.

SCP-564-2 instances will immediately begin to lay eggs. SCP-564-2 instances that have laid eggs will invariably manifest 2D bodies in the shape of the standard 3D printed objects, which will transform into 2D copies.

SCP-564-2 instances will then reproduce as normal creatures of their 2D bodies. However, instances of SCP-564-2 that have not laid eggs manifest 2D human variants, making them more efficient in the creation of food, and more protective of their bodies. These variants will augment SCP-564's size, while distracting it from attack.

SCP-564 will be chased by SCP-564-2 instances, and will reveal itself and its own body to have formed into a 3D model of the 3D model it was created with. It is thus estimated that roughly 3% of cases of SCP-564-2 do not matter.

Addendum 564-1: Self-Organizing Organism Model Documentation

Manifested Models

Factory Model: A jet engine engine

Factory Model: The body of a black-and-white animals painting the interior of a vehicle on a road in Miami, Florida.

Factory Model: The body of a fully-stirred pho bird (Hivelyo toucoucan) in a factory plant.

Factory Model: A large cityscape in Africa.

Factory Model: An irregularly shaped doughnut in an Asia-Western distribution center.

Factory Model: A "hot chocolate" factory.

Factory Model: An inverted house in London.

Factory Model: A miniature of the outer shell of a large bull shark (Canaerosaurus Rexaur).

Factory Model: A genuine selection of fountain fountain pens.

Factory Model: A pyramid of various things fluttering, with the temples being examples of "celestial" objects.

Factory Model: A giant mechitty (Megalia cuniculus) flying through a porthole.

Factory Model: In a farmhouse.

Factory Model: A creature running away from a clown.

Factory Model: A large field of a wild plant species that displays no anomalous properties.

Factory Model: A "spikey" statue of a stylized deer, with a "sprayery" bumper on its head.

Factory Model: A 1m tall statue of a three-armed anthropomorphic creature of unknown size. Fifteen of the 20 heads are covered with a number of different stylized sizes of spikes and/or darts.

Factory Model: A specially made copy of a famous one-piece fashion item (reminiscent of members of the Super Cicada barvii).

Factory Model: A large telephone.

Factory Model: A "One-of-a-Kind" necklace, which could be purchased only during a certain Christmas event.

Factory Model: A door, which was destroyed upon discovering its existence.

Factory Model: A giant two-m tall holo bird.

Factory Model: A very large and extremely long carousel.

Factory Model: A copy of a knife.

Factory Model: An elderly woman that magically mutated into a dog.

Factory Model: A complex model of the traveling salesman.

Factory Model: A prototype of the Warp Weapon.

Factory Model: A weapon that was previously unknown.

Factory Model: A toy model of an unknown anomalous item.

Factory Model: A copy of a convention hand grenade.

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